Auckland Unitary Plan

20 Jul 16, 12:00pm
Gareth Vaughan looks at why even the Third Coming of the RBNZ's high-LVR restrictions on home loans is merely fiddling around the fringes of the housing bubble
4 Jul 16, 3:02pm
Ryan Greenaway-McGrevy argues that a policy of increasing urban density is the only way of ensuring that both current and prospective Auckland home owners can win
4 Jul 16, 10:57am
Building Minister says Cabinet considering granting compulsory acquisition powers for Urban Development Authorities; initially says could be used to combat land-bankers, but then back-tracks; Reaction mixed
2 Jun 16, 12:31pm
Smith puts out National Policy Statement that requires high growth Councils to open up 15% more land than is forecast to be required; NPS to be in place by Oct and back up Unitary Plan; Smith sees Commissioner for Auckland not needed
31 May 16, 11:49am
Smith says National Policy Statement on urban land development set for release on Thursday; Could be operative by October; Smith defends developer contributions and dismisses proposal for targeted rates to service infrastructure bonds
27 May 16, 3:57pm
Key says the National Policy Statement on urban land use will direct Auckland Council to release land if it fails to meet targets
24 May 16, 1:48pm
English, Bennett signal 'significant' social housing announcement in Budget 2016; Bennett acknowledges housing crisis for homeless; English slams Auckland Council again; Smith denies housing crisis
23 May 16, 4:03pm
Nick Smith announces deals done for developments on three Government-owned land sites in Auckland to build 740 homes; sites in Manukau, Mt Albert and Waterview; homes to be built within 18 mths
19 May 16, 11:03am
English capitalises on Labour call for Auckland to abolish urban boundary; ramps up pressure on Council ahead of Unitary Plan decision; Greens, ACT support Labour too, with caveats; Darby tells Govt to back off; Goff wants Govt funding help
18 May 16, 1:00pm
Labour calls on Govt to abolish Auckland's Rural Urban growth Boundary and relax density controls in upcoming National Policy Statement; also calls for new way to fund infrastructure for developments
16 May 16, 10:05am
Key defends Govt's actions on affordable and social housing as reports emerge of Auckland families living in garages, cars and containers; suggests families talk to Work and Income; Smith flags land release directive; sees ChCh as model
12 May 16, 7:16pm
Finance Minister says Govt expects Auckland Council to approve Unitary Plan that caters for housing supply growth needs; says August vote on Plan 'probably the single biggest issue for house prices across the country'
13 Apr 16, 12:18pm
Key, English reject calls for new demand side measures to cool Auckland housing after shock surge in March; Govt continuing on with current supply-side strategy
28 Mar 16, 6:05pm
Auckland 2040, which opposed Council 'up-zoning' in Unitary Plan, sees no long term housing capacity problem in Auckland; prefers intensification in town centres; prefers suburban areas remain single level
28 Feb 16, 5:02am
Bernard Hickey describes how a few hundred Auckland home-owners were able to knee-cap the aspirations of generations of renters and strangle New Zealand's economic growth potential in a couple of meetings
24 Feb 16, 8:08pm
Auckland Council decides to withdraw 'up-zoned' version of Unitary Plan from Independent Hearing Panel process; Councillors vote 13-8 to pull new 'denser' maps from Unitary Plan process; young renters pitted against old property owners in 6 hour meeting
24 Feb 16, 11:08am
Auckland's housing market could be developing a split personality as the market eases at the top and price pressures increase at the bottom
18 Feb 16, 7:40pm
Housing and Building Minister quizzed in Parliament over revolt within Auckland Council against housing intensification; says supports intensification in leafy Eastern and Northern Suburbs; Key keener on intensification in CBD, West Auckland
16 Feb 16, 1:44pm
Minister calls on Auckland Council to 'stay the course' on building 'up and out'; says Council needs to deliver Unitary Plan before expiry of Special Housing Areas in Sept 2016; Key more equivocal; sees intensification in CBD, West Auckland
15 Feb 16, 3:30pm
Auckland Councillors wobble on intensification plan; Major plank of Govt's housing supply strategy under threat; National supporters sabotaging plan; Property Council accuses Baby Boomer Councillors of locking out next generation


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