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Auckland Unitary Plan

Build up not out says Harcourts chief

More apartments the solution as Auckland house prices reach 'frightening' levels, says Harcourts chief; Describes Auckland as 'the problem child'

Property Council blasts JAFA NIMBYs

The Property Council blasts Auckland's NIMBYs, backs high rise development

Why Auckland is everyone's back yard now

Bernard Hickey argues everyone in the entire economy should care when the Grey Lynn Residents Association blocks the development of a new apartment block on Great North Rd

Govt warns Auckland's NIMBYs

English, Smith and Adams call on Aucklanders to push council to open up more land; tell NIMBYs to do what's right for economy and allow development

'Time to end compact affordability delusion'

Jason Krupp says if urban NZ is serious about tackling housing affordability, local govt and planners must include property prices in their planning

Govt slams Auckland Unitary Plan

Amy Adams slams Auckland Unitary Plan as insufficient to meet housing demand and likely to worsen affordability; Labour says Govt in 'panic mode'

'Dysfunctional' house market is here

Property investor Olly Newland says because of LVR limits 'a lot of people' are sitting on cheap houses they can't sell

LVRs creating 'dangerous situation'

Property investor Olly Newland says RBNZ lending limits could lead to a 'dysfunctional' property market

Hulse confirmed as Auckland deputy

Penny Hulse will serve a second term as Auckland Deputy Mayor

Minister Calls for 'accurate' city planning

Maurice Williamson questions likely population growth of Auckland