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Actually they should ban high LVR lending, where the borrower doesn't have a deposit of at least 20%, altogether.
36% (221 votes)
Yes, as soon as possible.
24% (148 votes)
They should leave the restriction as it is for at least another year.
14% (89 votes)
No, but they should increase the limit from 10% to 15%.
13% (81 votes)
No, they should leave the 10% limit there permanently.
13% (78 votes)
Total voters: 617

Should the Reserve Bank remove its "speed limit" on banks' high loan to value ratio (LVR) home lending?

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Auckland Unitary Plan

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Property investor Olly Newland says RBNZ lending limits could lead to a 'dysfunctional' property market

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Penny Hulse will serve a second term as Auckland Deputy Mayor

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Property investor Olly Newland says if LVR speed limits 'bite' then house rents could rise anywhere between 20% and 50% in the next 12 to 18 months

Auckland rulebook's next phase

The Auckland Unitary Plan is officially notified, kicking off further rounds of public submissions

This image was uploaded with the post Auckland Deputy Mayor confident the region can mak

This image was uploaded with the post Auckland Deputy Mayor confident the region can mak

Auckland developers 'on the starting blocks'

Auckland Deputy Mayor confident of a good start toward target of 39,000 houses in three years; Housing Accord and Unitary Plan agreed by council

Rooftop solar energy powering cars?

Auckland University research suggests strong potential for the development & use of solar power across the city's low density suburbia