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90 seconds at 9 am: Debt is the answer

Eurozone factory output falls; Draghi offers $1 tln; China local govt 'invests' in growth; China stops funds transfers; Gold falls; NZ$1 = US$0.88, TWI = 81.8

What happened Monday

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Monday; one rate change, services expanding, house prices falling, Hargreaves' dream team, 90 day bills 3.68%

Lead indicators more instructive than historic inflation

Roger J Kerr sees six reasons consumer demand, labour market conditions and supply-side inflation pressures should be seen by the RBNZ as more important than high house prices

Bernard's election diary - July 14

Greens says all rivers must be swimmable; Fed Farmers says that would shut down economy; Joyce says Opposition policy 'cartoon-like'; Peters launches transport policy; Your view?

Consequences from the high dollar slow to be recognised

Roger J Kerr says the 'stark reality' is the strong NZ dollar is causing weaker economic fundamentals that are about to hit the economy

90 seconds at 9 am: Abbott's PUP deal

US sees a June surplus; Fed eyes rate rises; AU minor party extracts policy backdown; UST 10yrs at 2.52%, oil at 3 month low; NZ$1 = US$0.88, TWI = 81.9

What happened Friday

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Friday; Aussie mortgage stutter, hot currency trading, no surprises in food price data, surprise fall in foreign holdings, swap rates sink

Bernard's election diary - July 11

McCully announces Malaysian case Inquiry; Labour, NZ First slam Inquiry for not focusing on McCully; Labour proposes 1,200 IT apprenticeships, Drury vs Joyce in CTO twitter exchange; Your view?

90 seconds at 9 am: Deja vu all over again

Euro-zone banking trouble resurfaces; AU jobless rises; China exports grow; US jobless claims fall; Fonterra in more China dairy hub investment; NZ$1 = US$0.88.2, TWI = 81.9

What happened Thursday

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Thursday; Canadians buy NZ property, Aussie jobless rise, successful inflation bond sale, PMI dipping, new TWI record