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NZDUSD at top of range

Domestic data releases helps lift NZD; Eurozone current account data weaker; global equity markets mixed

US data beats expectations

Stocks make sharp recovery after volitile week, strong US data, RBNZ accidental re-release teased NZD market on Friday

US industrial production surges

Massive US equity sell off before better than expected data saves the day; another volatile session for NZD; oil price rises halting recent downward spiral

US data disappoints market

Oil price keeps tumbling; weaker than expected US data propels NZDUSD higher; US and European equity markets pummelled

UK inflation at five-year low

USD & JPY benefit from safe haven buying; German investor sentiment indicator turns negative; UK may decide to delay rate hikes after inflation reading

Investors trimming USD positions

Fears US Fed may delay first interest rate hike; Gold price boosted by strong rebound in Chinese imports of industrial commodities

Broader capital gains taxation is coming

Terry Baucher shows how the IRD will soon adopt a strategy to expand the taxation of capital gains without drawing too much attention

Global growth worries

USD and JPY bolstered by safe-haven bids on global fallout concerns for slow-downs in Europe, Japan, and China

Euro zone data disappoints

ECB suggests euro-zone economic recovery losing momentum; global equities and NZD fall sharply

USD lower on dovish Fed minutes

Fed concerned with weaker European and Asian growth; NZDUSD up strongly and US equities bounce back after yesterday's abysmal showing

Pressure on ECB to up stimulus package

NZD shakes off poor confidence numbers; Eurozone growth forecase below 1.5%; German industrial production worse than expected

NZDUSD bounces off lows

Profit taking on USD positions; Gold prices surge; weak German factory orders and investor confidence

USD surges on US jobs report

Equities up after strong showing by US labour markets and surprise rise in Europe's retail volumes. However PMIs mixed

ECB underwhlems with announcement

NZ$ dollar rebounds after recent rapid decline; ECB fails to meet market expectations; European equities take a hit

Kiwi dollar drops on Fonterra auction

US dollar positions trimmed ahead of key data releases; Dairy auction prices down over 7% and NZDUSD back under 78c; Equities down globally

US dollar index up 8% over last 3-months

NZD bounces off lows but this was short lived as weaker Euro-zone data sees it fall again; USD strengthens again; NZD & AUD under-performers across majors

Key and Wheeler double-team the NZD

After ex-trader Key says fair value for NZD is 65USc, RBNZ confirms big intervention; oil steady, gold higher

RBNZ jawboning NZD lower

Wheeler's comments yesterday fuelled speculation RBNZ did in fact intervene in NZ dollar last month; NZD extended decline on BoE Governor's comments

Draghi talks markets up

US$ stronger on combination of US housing data and comments that Euro stimulus will remain for an extended period

NZ$ continues its downward slide

Risk-off trading as airstrikes begin in Syria; European PMI weaker than expected; equity markets continue to struggle