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NZD/USD in steady decline

NZD lower after strong US retail and consumer confidence; gold and oil down, equity markets mixed

Hike expectations pushed out

NZD lower following dovish RBNZ MPS; gold down, oil up, most equity markets lower

NZD gains against the AUD

Investors unwinding their Australian dollar carry trades, GBP gains on Scottish poll update, eyes on RBNZ

NZDUSD opens lower

US traders bet the American economy will keep growing and the Fed will raise rates in 2015

Gold at 3 month low

US dollar trading at its highest level since July 2013, NZD lower after boost from CNY trade balance

Scottish stew

Disappointing US jobs data, markets surprised by Scottish poll movement, gold higher, oil lower

Euro falls but all EU equity markets rise

Draghi cuts all three of Europe’s benchmark rates by 10 basis points, will start buying private securities to help the struggling European economy

Traders regain risk appetite

EU stimulus expected after sales declines and fall in PMI, stock rise, oil and gold higher

NZD opens lower

Lower dairy prices and better US data combine to drive the Kiwi dollar down; gold and oil also significantly lower

Euro sinks against USD

NZD higher on light trading. Euro sinks against USD. Round of central bank decsisons due

Euro the big loser

NZ business confidence below expectations hurts NZD; Euro under pressure from falling price growth

Risk rises, USD strengthens

Gold and oil higher as Russian troops cross Ukraine border, stocks fall. Good US data pushed to background

US traders add more risk

The unexpected Fonterra payout confirmation helped the NZD to strengthen

Risk on mood among traders

Bullish signs coming out of US with data exceeding expectations; NZD trades lower on disappointing trade balance

Short NZD positions reinstated

Currency markets range-bound as northern summer holidays reduce market flows, oil lower, gold steady

ECB ready to add more stimulus

USD to make further gains; Fed chair less dovish; equities lower, gold down; UST 10yr yields gain

NZD pegging back some loses

NZDUSD back over 84c; disappointing Chinese data; US manufacturing numbers exceeds expectations; gold prices down 1.3%

NZDUSD lower breaking through 84c

Hints US central bank may remove to raise interest rates ahead of schedule; NZD breaks through support level

US Interest rate hikes likely in near term

Fonterra auction result has NZD under pressure again; USD boosted by stronger housing data; Eurozone current account surplus shrinks

Equities higher, commodities lower

US dollar stronger against most; international risk appetite returns; NZD faces downside risks especially over the dairy price