Major planned Auckland building projects

We are keeping a list of major Auckland construction projects, given that these will add to a nationally-significant value and stress the capacity of the construction industry to recruit for them.

At this stage we plan only to list projects that will have a total cost of about $100 mln, but other smaller projects that have key icon or infrastructure importance may also be included.

This list was last updated on 15-Feb-17.

Project Due to
Due to
($ mln)
Intl Convention Centre Dec-15 2018 700 Downtown
Commercial Bay / Precinct Jun-16 Q4-19 680 Downtown
City Rail Link Nov-15 2021 3,400 Downtown
Park Hyatt 5-star hotel 2016 2017 200 Downtown
NGD Tower, 52-story Albert St bldg 2016 2020 350 Downtown
Sofitel hotel, Commerce St     50 Downtown
Waterview Connection 2013 2017 1,400 Inner West
Akl University developments 2014 2024 1,000 Downtown
Westgate Urban Development 2013 2016 1,000 West
Puhoi-Wellsford m/way extn 2016 2020 710 North
Ryman aged care projects 2015 2017 710 various
Long Bay housing/town centre 2015 2022 2,400 North
Wynyard Quarter housing 2016 2017 200 Downtown
Wynyard Quarter commercial     600 Downtown
Innovation Precinct, Wynyard Qtr   Q2-17 200 Downtown
Fonterra HQ 2015 Q1-16 100 Downtown
Fanshawe St development 2016 Q3-17 350 Downtown
Old NZHerald site, Albert Street Q1-16 Q1-19 675 Downtown
Britomart expansion     1,000 Downtown
Auckland Airport expansion   2019 400 South
SH20A to Airport Q3-15 Q1-17 100 South
Kohuora, Mens prison, Wiri   Q2-15 300 South
Summerset Monterey Park Q1-14 Q1-16 120 West
East-West Link 2016 2025 1,850 Industrial
Three Kings housing     750 Central urban
AMETI Q1-16   1,300 South East
Ormiston Town Centre 2015 2022 2,800 South
Pakuranga Town Centre     500 South East
Airport retail expansion Q1-16 Q1-18 180 South
St James Suites Q1-16 Q2-18 175 Downtown
DurySouth industrial 2016 ? 620 South
Dury SHA residential 45ha 2016 2022 400 South
Whenuapai Town Centre ? 2026 4,000 West
Auckland Northern Corridor 2016 2021 700 North
Customs St apartment tower 52 levels 2017 2019 ? Central
HNZ Northcote housing 2017 2021 750 North
Changda Sunny Heights, Orewa 570 houses 2016 2021 420 North
List totals     $31,090  

We would be pleased to receive details from readers to update this list and improve its accuracy.

You can find a complete list of Auckland ithsmus projects (including many below $100 mln) at this excellent website.

Also see this.


Nice list David. Thank you for that. Perhaps an indication of where they are would be nice, for those of us who are unaware of Auckland's street names (most of us?).

Aha, thank you for that.

Thanks David, great list (and impressive). Could you pencil in a reminder in 1, 2 & 3 years to update us with progress on these works please. Thanks