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Kiwibank - 2.36%

Yield/price indicators
Indicative market yield (% pa) 2.30
Indicative market price (%) 100.67

Issue details
Issuer Kiwibank
Amount on issue (NZ$m) N/A
Issuer type Financial institution
Description Unsecured Subordinated Debt Securities
Security ranking Subordinated
Assumed maturity date 10 Dec 2030
Legal maturity date 10 Dec 2030
Credit rating Baa3
Current coupon 2.36
Coupon type Fixed Quarterly
Next coupon reset date N/A
Coupon reset at N/A
Election/Conversion date N/A
First & future call dates N/A
Margin reset date N/A
Margin reset N/A
NZX Code KWB010
Holdings - minimum/increments ($) 5,000/1,000
Issue documentation N/A

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