Auckland International Airport


Auckland International Airport Limited (Auckland Airport) was formed in 1988, when the New Zealand Government corporatised the management of Auckland International Airport. In 1998, the Government sold down its shareholding, and Auckland Airport became the fifth airport company in the world to be publicly listed.

Today, Auckland Airport has been voted as one of the 10 best airports in the world two years in a row, and is a major driver of the economy. Auckland Airport generates billions of dollars for the economy, creating thousands of jobs, and making a vital contribution to New Zealand trade and tourism by strengthening connections with the world.

Over 70 per cent of visitors enter or leave New Zealand via Auckland Airport, which handles over 13 million passengers a year. More than 20 international airlines serve Auckland Airport, Australasia’s second busiest international airport, after Sydney.

As New Zealand's major transport hub, Auckland Airport is investing in an airport and traveller experience that all New Zealanders can be proud of.

Auckland Airport is continually developing the capacity and services to ensure it will sustainably cope with an anticipated 24 million passengers a year by 2025, reflecting New Zealand’s growing popularity as one of the world’s leading tourism destinations.


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