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GPG Finance

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GPG Finance is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Guinness Peat Group plc (GPG).

GPG is an investment holding company with a diversified range of strategic interests in a number of businesses, mainly in Europe and Australasia.

GPG is listed on the London, Australian and New Zealand Stock Exchanges. As at 31 December 2010, it had a market capitalisation of approximately £627 million. Shareholders’ Funds at the same date were £993 million. GPG’s successful track record spans investments in various sectors including financial services, textiles and thread manufacture, food processing, building services, property development and fruit and produce distribution. GPG’s investment portfolio covers a spread of investments and is widely diversified both geographically and sectorially.

GPG has a small but experienced group of prudent and professional executives operating with strong teamwork and close communication, which has been a proven formula for achieving steady growth in the value of shareholders’ funds.

On 11 February 2011 the Company announced its intention to undertake an orderly value realisation of its investment portfolio over time.