Vector is a leading New Zealand infrastructure group. We own and manage a unique portfolio of energy and fibre optic infrastructure networks in New Zealand.

Our assets perform a key role in delivering energy and communication services to more than one million homes and businesses across New Zealand. We are a significant provider of:

  • Electricity distribution
  • Gas transmission and distribution
  • Electricity and gas metering installations and data management services
  • Natural gas and LPG, including 60.25% ownership of bulk LPG distributor Liquigas
  • Fibre optic networks in Auckland and Wellington, delivering high speed broadband services.

In addition to our energy and fibre optic businesses we own:

  • A 50% share in Treescape, an arboriculture and vegetation management company
  • A 22.11% share in NZ Windfarms, a power generation company.

Vector is listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange. Our majority shareholder, with a shareholding of 75.1%, is the Auckland Energy Consumer Trust (AECT). The trust represents its beneficiaries, who are Vector’s electricity customers in Auckland, Manukau and parts of the Papakura region. For more information on AECT visit the trust’s website. The balance of Vector’s shares are held by individual and institutional shareholders.


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Corporate credit ratings(s) Standard & Poors (S&P)   BBB+Stable

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