Transpower is a State Owned Enterprise, tasked with owning and operating New Zealand’s National Grid - the network of high voltage transmission lines and substations that connect areas of generation with towns and cities across the country.

Transpower keeps New Zealand’s energy flowing by:

  • transporting bulk electricity from where it is generated (by companies like Meridian Energy and Mighty River Power) to cities, towns and some major industrial users (like New Zealand Steel)
  • connecting with smaller lines companies (like Vector) who package and deliver that power to the doorsteps of New Zealand’s homes and businesses managing New Zealand’s power system (as the System Operator) so that electricity is delivered whenever and wherever it is needed, 24/7.

Transpower transports bulk power from areas of generation to areas of demand. It doen't sell or buy electricity – just transport it for others like generator and lines companies. They pay to use our assets, but by the time the power gets to your home or business we make up just a small proportion of your electricity bill – on average around 8%.

Towers, poles, lines, cables and substations stretching and connecting the length and breadth of the country represent our asset base - known as the National Grid. It includes:

  • 11, 806 route kms of high voltage transmission line
  • 41, 195 supporting towers and poles
  • 178 substations
  • 1122 transformers

Because our transmission network is a natural monopoly our investments and transmission charges are regulated by the Commerce Commission.


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