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Heartland Building Society

Website Heartland Bank Limited
Credit Agency Name Credit Rating Outlook
Corporate credit rating(s) Standard & Poors (S&P) BBB


History Heartland was formed as a result of the merger between MARAC, CBS Canterbury and Southern Cross Building Society in January 2011.
Core business Providing financial services to small-to-medium sized businesses, farmers and families.
Offer Lending and finance, working and seasonal capital, home and vehicle loans, day to day accounts, investments, insurance.
100% for New Zealand Heartland is 100% New Zealand operated and managed.
Significant scale Heartland has an extensive network of 20 branches and over 30 agencies spread throughout New Zealand.
100% lending in New Zealand All lending is for New Zealand based assets – we support New Zealanders and New Zealand businesses.
NZSX listed parent company Provides strength and access to capital to fund growth.
Diversified lending Lending is spread both geographically and over a wide range of sectors.