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Kiwi Income Property Trust

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Kiwi Income Property Trust (KIP or the ‘Trust’) is New Zealand’s largest listed diversified property trust with $1.98 billion (as at 31 March 2011) invested in a diversified portfolio of retail and office assets located throughout New Zealand.

The Trust was founded in 1992, and a year later became New Zealand’s first listed property trust.  KIP invests only in New Zealand real estate, a mandate which it has followed since inception.  At 31 March 2011 the Trust’s portfolio comprises 14 assets located across New Zealand.  

The Trust is managed by Kiwi Income Properties Limited, a company which is ultimately owned by Colonial First State Global Asset Management, the largest manager of Australian-sourced funds, and in turn the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. 

The Trust’s vision is to be New Zealand’s leading property investment vehicle with a diversified portfolio of high quality assets providing superior returns. 

The Trust’s objective is to optimise earnings and provide attractive long-term sustainable returns to investors through the strategic acquisition, professional management and ongoing development of office, retail and industrial property assets.