September 2040 Government inflation-linked tender #611; strong demand with a coverage ratio of 3.32; weighted average accepted yield rises to 2.36%

The results from the latest inflation-indexed bond offer by the Treasury's Debt Management Office have been released. The details are shown below.

2.50% - 20 September 2040 Today
Series offered tender
Aug. 11,
Jul. 13,
Total Amount Offered ($mln) 100 100
Total Amount Allocated ($mln) 100 100
Total Number of Bids Received 45 38
Total Amount of Bids Received ($mln) 332 155
Total Number of Successful Bids 16 26
Highest Yield Accepted (%) 2.3750 2.3450
Lowest Yield Accepted (%) 2.3400 2.3000
Highest Yield Rejected (%) 2.5100 2.5200
Lowest Yield Rejected (%) 2.3750 2.3450
Weighted Average Accepted Yield (%) 2.3586 2.3284
Weighted Average Rejected Yield (%) 2.4212 2.3791
Amount Allotted at Highest Accepted Yield as Percentage of Amount Bid at that Yield* 44.4 58.8
Coverage Ratio 3.3200 1.5500

*Individual allotments may vary due to rounding.

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