21 Jul 18, 9:46am
Gaspard Koenig advocates the right to personal ownership of the digital information we generate
18 Jul 18, 9:24am
Diane Coyle says there are three ways regulation can benefit an economy. The key is how it is designed
5 Jul 18, 1:54pm
As NZ regulators investigate banks' conduct & culture they should take a leaf out of ASIC's book and probe the credit card market too, Gareth Vaughan argues
5 Jul 18, 12:54pm
Two of New Zealand’s highest-flying companies are again clashing, with Air NZ asking the Government to further regulate Auckland Airport
8 Jun 18, 10:00am
Great Chinese advice; why NIMBYs should be ignored; why pessimists are losers; a look at Ethiopia; the trap of prescriptive regulation; a coming centralised bargaining inflation jolt, and heaps of cartoons
18 Apr 18, 9:02am
What the NZ retail payments industry is doing to facilitate open banking and reduce merchant fees to keep the Government happy and avoid regulation
16 Apr 18, 9:28am
Richard Baker explains why an NZ Initiative report on NZ's key economic regulators rates the FMA ahead of the Commerce Commision and the RBNZ
11 Apr 18, 8:16am
Govt seeks feedback on what tough disclosure requirements to curb conflicted advice should look like in the absence of a ban of commissions
27 Mar 18, 5:00am
Research by Auckland Council's economists shows an Auckland property's value is influenced by size, school zone, amenity access and cladding just as much as location
26 Mar 18, 9:19am
ASB, BNZ, Westpac, Datacom, Paymark and Trade Me to pilot software aimed at opening the door to easier and more competitive digital payments
12 Mar 18, 3:58pm
Auckland Council's economists say the early signs are the new Urban Plan is encouraging much more brownfield development that is infrastructure-efficient
1 Mar 18, 2:33pm
RBNZ Deputy Governor Geoff Bascand says CBL Insurance paid $55 mln to overseas companies 'in the context of significant doubts about CBL Insurance's solvency'
25 Jan 18, 5:02am
How fintechs are paving the way for better competition in the payments space - with or without the support of banks or the Government
24 Jan 18, 5:02am
Auckland Council's economists argue that evidence from across NZ supports the conclusion that land use regulation is unlikely to be the main culprit for house price rises
27 Nov 17, 2:24pm
Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Kris Faafoi on how to get New Zealand up to speed on open banking, what the Aussies are doing, and the feasibility of digital identities
23 Nov 17, 5:02am
RBNZ considers feasibility of issuing a digital currency, but isn't keen to regulate crypto-currencies; Says it doesn't see crypto as a threat to financial stability or traditional financial institutions - for now
21 Nov 17, 11:53am
The NZ Initiative's Amy Thomasson & Sam Warburton probe a key area of spending and oversight within New Zealand's transport authorities
28 Aug 17, 9:07am
Auckland University Professor Alex Sims on why the Government needs to get up with the play and start regulating cryptocurrencies 
17 Aug 17, 12:52pm
The NZ Initiative's Amy Thomasson says good governance spawns good regulators
11 Aug 17, 9:32am
Consumer credit contract providers celebrate successfully lobbying the Government to exempt them from new financial advice regulation 


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