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Real estate photography company offers help to earthquake victims

Real estate photography company offers help to earthquake victims

By John Grant

Real estate photography specialists open2view have offered help to the many people who have suffered damage to their property as the result of  Saturday's earthquake.

They are willing to visit any property and photograph the damage so they can be passed on to the Earthquake Commission and or the insurer of the property.

With over 100,000 properties affected by the quake, it is going to be a huge job for insurers and the EQC to find ways to get around every property, particularly in the short term. All insurers are recommending that you photograph property damage.

The service has been offered free of charge for residential properties.

To take advantage of this you should email the details on the property and your contact details to and if you don't have access to email then call him directly on 027 220 2559.


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