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Carmel Fisher joins forces with Lloyd Morrison

Carmel Fisher joins forces with Lloyd Morrison
Carmel FisherLloyd Morrison's company HRL Morrison & Co. has taken a 26% shareholding in fund manager Fisher Funds, run by Carmel Fisher. HRL Morrison & Co. is a Wellington based investor in infrastructure and manages infrustructure company Infratil and is a specialist manager of infrastructure assets for The New Zealand Superannuation Fund and it also manages assets in the property and agriculture sectors. The new partnership will see Fisher join the board of HRL Morrison & Co., with Morrison joining Fisher Funds as a director. Lloyd MorrisonFisher Funds manages five unit trusts and three investment companies listed on the NZX: Kingfish, Barramundi and Marlin. Morrison is the Executive Chairman of H.R.L. Morrison & Co Group and Chairman of Infratil Airports Europe (the holding company of Infratil's European airports) and a Director of Infratil, TrustPower and Auckland International Airport.

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