CBS Canterbury appoints RaboPlus head as CEO

CBS Canterbury appoints RaboPlus head as CEO

In a stunning coup for a building society based in Christchurch, CBS Canterbury has hired Cantabrian and current head of RaboPlus for Australia and New Zealand, Bryan Inch, as chief executive. "Bryan is a very impressive and exceptional executive who has had an outstanding banking career and the directors of CBS Canterbury believe he will prove to be a dynamic leader for CBS's next phase of development," said CBS Canterbury Chairman Gary Leech. Inch will take over from interim CEO David Street from October 13. Inch was deputy global head of International Direct Banking ('IDB') for Rabobank Group based in Sydney and has been responsible for the management and expansion of IDB in Australia, New Zealand, South America and Asia. During 2003-08 he was head of financial services for Australia and New Zealand for the Dutch-owned 'AAA' rated bank, leading the development and management of the RaboPlus direct banking business. As managing director of Rabobank New Zealand Ltd, 1999-2003, he implemented the integration of Rabo Wrightson Finance and Rabobank New Zealand's rural business. In the same period he established Rabobank New Zealand as a domestic bank in New Zealand. Inch had his own blog as the head of RaboPlus.

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