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Volunteers sought to test-drive our new website

Volunteers sought to test-drive our new website has been working on a new and improved version of this website, which we plan to release soon. Before we do, we are seeking some regular users to participate in our user-experience testing stage. We need a small number of volunteers to visit our offices and test-drive our new website. Your comments and use will help us further refine what we release, making it better for everyone. This work will be done over the four days from Tuesday, April 27 until Friday, April 30 2010 in our Auckland offices. It should not involve more than one hour at our office in Herne Bay, during business hours. If you would like to participate in this review, please email us at and we will schedule your visit to suit both of us. (Only available by email request.) There are only a limited number of time-slots available. We look forward to hearing from you. David Chaston Publisher

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