Sales of new cars rise for the sixth straight month

Sales of new cars rise for the sixth straight month

New car sales rose 34% in June, the sixth straight month of growth, with June recording the highest monthly sales level in 20 months.

The Motor Industry Association said 5,786 new cars were sold in June, up 34% from June 2009. There were 2,218 commercial vehicles registered, a 22% rise on June 2009.

So far this year, new car sales are 17.4% ahead of last year.

“At the beginning of the year we were forecasting around 10% growth on 2009 numbers. So far this year we are 17.4 % ahead," Motor Industry Association CEO Perry Kerr said.

"We have now had six continuous months of growth in new car sales so we are hopeful that we have well and truly turned the corner on 2009."

In passenger car sales Toyota retained the number one spot with 1,337 registrations. Hyundai was second with 579 registrations, and Holden third with 542. All three top selling passenger car models were Toyota. The Rav 4 was first with 421 registrations, followed by the Toyota Corolla and Land Cruiser Prada both on 219.

Toyota was also first in commercial vehicles with 771 registrations, followed by Ford with 351 and Nissan with 261 registrations. The Toyota Hilux was the top selling model with 539 registrations. Second was the Nissan Navara with 256 registrations with the Ford Ranger third with 250.

*See attachment below for additional monthly and year to date sales figures.

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