Alex's election diary: Key to give Melbourne Cup winnings to Labour for spending hole; Talks Sonny Bill Williams with Hamiltonians

Alex's election diary: Key to give Melbourne Cup winnings to Labour for spending hole; Talks Sonny Bill Williams with Hamiltonians

It was all Sonny Bill Williams and the Melbourne Cup this morning in Hamilton, as Prime Minister John Key visited a highway project designed to make travel through Hamilton faster, then the TAB to place a bet on the Melbourne Cup.

Key said any winnings from his NZ$20 NZ$10 bet on 'Drunken Sailor' to place second would be given to Labour finance spokesman David Cunliffe for what he said was the NZ$17 billion in extra borrowings Labour would have to take on over the next four years if it formed a government after the November 26 election. That would give Labour NZ$100, he said.

Key also bet NZ$10 on Niwot to win the Cup.

Earlier Key visited the Te Rapa bypass project in North Hamilton, which had been fast-tracked at the last election as one of the roads of national significance. One executive at the bypass told Key the project would help quicken travel from Cambridge through north of Hamilton, leading to to enhanced productivity for freight through and from Auckland.

Key toured the project, bringing up Sonny Bill Williams' move to the Waikato Chiefs a number of times with those working there. Talk about the 'golden triangle' - the infrastructure links between Hamilton, Tauranga and Auckland - with National MP David Bennett even morphed into a chat about the rugby.

Key is this afternoon set to announce the first half of National's welfare policy in Hamilton, where he will say he wants to get 46,000 people off welfare over the next four years at a cost of NZ$130 million a year.

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tweedledum and tweedledee....the debt trap time bomb.....

"When David Cameron tried to raise the issue (private debt at $1.2Trillion) in his address to the Conservative conference in Manchester, he was nobbled by advisers. The Prime Minister’s expunged comments were deemed "unhelpful".

The Treasury, it seems, prefers to avoid the matter lest the afflicted start doing something about it. As for the Opposition, how could it possibly get stuck in without reminding us on whose watch this disaster began?"

"Borrowing to support lifestyles that are desirable but not affordable is where Britain’s financial nightmare began"

So similar to here.....Labour cant attack National on anything serious because the blame for the problems can be laid at Labour's door......they cant pipe up and tel voters directly to reduce debt because that will kill spending and tax income even more.....