Pharmac fundamentals not on TPP table, Trade Minister Groser says; "Our public health system is not up for negotiation"

Pharmac fundamentals not on TPP table, Trade Minister Groser says; "Our public health system is not up for negotiation"

New Zealand's public health system is not up for negotiation in Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade talks, and government drug-buying agency Pharmac completely falls under the New Zealand public health system banner, Trade Minister Tim Groser says.

Asked about what assurances he could provide on Pharmac during a briefing to media on TPP talks held in Honolulu last week, Groser said he would not carry out negotiations through the media, but that he had one answer to Pharmac questions which he had already given.

"We have laid down the fundamentals of a position which says our public health system is not up for negotiation, not part of any trade negotiation, and I can’t conceive of any New Zealand government that would change that view," Groser said.

"Pharmac is an incredibly valuable institution that provides high quality medicines to many New Zealanders at very, very highly subsidised, reasonable prices. The fundamentals of that model are not up for negotiation," he said.

"But to go beyond that and answer the obvious follow-up questions, I do not consider, as the New Zealand Trade Minister, to be in New Zealand’s interests and I will not negotiate it through the media.”

Put to him that he just said Pharmac was not up for negotiation, Groser replied: “You heard me correctly.”

Asked whether Pharmac completely fell under the banner of ‘New Zealand’s public health system,’ Groser replied:

“In my opinion it does.”

More soon.

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Some one give that man a pat on the back.

I guess we actually should be able to see exactly what is being negotiated, I wonder why we are not allowed to know but large US corporates get an invite


All looks good for now, except the news that 2500 US Marines will be stationed in Australia is an interesing development. The Empire is spreading its tentacles.

Hmmm takes me back to the book I read early in the year, "The New Empire of Debt".

The book outlines that it is the first Empire in history to borrow off those it seeks to protect. My take on this is that there is still headroom for them to exact tribute for the priviledge of keeping the world safe for democracy. 

If this is so then troops in Australia takes on a very significant meaning. Be interesting to see if Stratfor come up with anything on this.

Scarfie....they are there to fight the Cane Toad War.....croak....ribbbit

Is that a war? I thought it was a successful invasion.

Ribbbit....croak....boiled cane toad scarfie....nothing like it....served with leg of Kiwi and fiscal deficit sauce.

No doubt, the owner of the "White House" will open a new branch office there..  to serve the new Yankee arrivals