National to lower public service core administration cap to current employee level of 36,475, with eye on further 'back-room' job cuts

National to lower public service core administration cap to current employee level of 36,475, with eye on further 'back-room' job cuts

National will lower the cap it set in 2008 for core public service administration jobs, and is eyeing further cuts if it wins a second term of office at the November 26 election.

National's State Services spokesman Tony Ryall said the 2008 cap of 38,859 full-time equivalents would be lowered to 36,475 - the current number of people working in core government administration.

Ryall said a National government would look to continue the move to find savings from back-office administration, and indicated further cuts in core administration jobs should be expected over the next three years.

Full-time equivalent job reductions should not be as large as in the past three years, with work done mid-way through this year suggesting there may be room for 500 further job cuts over the next few years, he said.

There was no floor for core administration jobs.

National wants the public sector to find NZ$980 million worth of savings over the next three years.

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Good.  The more they can cut the size of the government, the better.  Obviously there's a balance to ensure that NZ keeps ticking along nicely, but these days we need to be running it lean.

Core services means health, eductaion and law..... about a bit of law reform.  legalise the damn drug trade.  Free up heaps of public servants who have a misguided belief that there is a relationship between who will be and who won't be a user based on the legality.  The stupid war on drugs is a waste of money and respources...legalise it and tax it....

...poor old Don got hammered for talking a bit of sense..

..... he also got ridiculed for saying that the ETS ( Extra Tax , Suckers ! ) is a pile of rubbish . That CO2 emissions are a zero-sum game in farming :

.... Cows & sheep emit CO2 / grass locks up CO2 ......

And he is perfectly correct ........

...... hardly surprising  that his opponents utterly despise him ......

There's a whole lot of ticket clipping could be going on there though between the cows/sheep-->grass-->cows/sheep-->grass......

The science references for this claim are?

Too right! It's about time we adopted some sensible policies rather then sticking with the current draconian legislation.

'Poor old Don' got hammered because he showed that he doesn't have any political principals and would say anything if he thought it would get him elected.

But I knew this since his Orewa speach, where he tried to win an election by telling National voters what they should think about race relations. Wrong Don, politicians serve me when elected, they don't tell me what to think about how the country functions.


Don't count on it !

Having worked for 2 large govt depts in the past.  Both had several re-structures and big cut to reduce overhead costs and the total number of employees.  Initially, both had big drop in number of FTEs only to make up with independent contractors 6 mth later.

Surely the government will be wanting to do their bit, and we can be assured they will be lowering their pay accordingly then?

So nothing has been learnt from recent disasters on how the public service is understaffed and has been for years.