David Shearer and Grant Robertson voted leader and deputy leader of the Labour Party

David Shearer and Grant Robertson voted leader and deputy leader of the Labour Party

New Labour Party leader David Shearer says he wants to create a clean, green, clever New Zealand with an economy that delivers benefits to all Kiwis.

Voted in as the party’s new leader to replace Phil Goff on Tuesday morning, Shearer and new deputy Grant Robertson told media in Parliament buildings they wanted to rejuvenate the party, which received 27% of the vote at the November 26 election.

Shearer implied he was broadly comfortable with the party’s current policy stance, which includes a capital gains tax and policy to raise the pension age from 65 to 67 between 2020 and 2033.

See the Labour Party’s current policies in our Election 2011 party policy section here.

Shearer and Robertson beat the party’s finance spokesman David Cunliffe and Nanaia Mahuta in the quest for the leadership, after Goff and former deputy Annette King announced their intentions to stand down two weeks ago after the election loss.

Cunliffe and Mahuta said in a press release they offered their "wholehearted congratulations and support" to Shearer and Robertson.

“The task now is for the Labour caucus and the Labour Party to unite behind its new leadership team, in order to be a strong Opposition and to earn the confidence of New Zealanders before the 2014 election,” they said.

Shearer said he had not yet promised any caucus members portfolios, with that work to be done before Parliament sits next week.

Former economic development spokesman David Parker, who stood down from the leadership race to back Shearer, is being tipped to take the finance portfolio off Cunliffe.

(Updates with video of Shearer, comment from Cunliffe and Mahuta)

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Lead the Labour Party where?

Just like Jack and Rose in the movie "The Titanic".  They climbed to the back of the ship thinking that it will save them.

Arrogance lost!

Aunty Helens paws are all over this

The U.N and rainbow lobby wins big !

It saved Grant 'Rose' Robertson, going to the rear.

Sick puppy! But I like it..

Ok so what now....will Shearer opt to risk tossing the socialist drivel policies in the dustbin where the electorate has biffed them...or will he try try again to sell the same old same old.

My money is on him opting to enhance his future prospects for a cosy position in the UN...so we will get more of the drivel pork slicing benefit dogma and the insisting that Labour know best how to run our lives....if only we would trust them......harrrrrrrrrrrrrrhaahaaahahaaaa

Yup...I was bang on...

 "Shearer implied he was broadly comfortable with the party’s current policy stance, which includes a capital gains tax and policy to raise the pension age from 65 to 67 between 2020 and 2033."

New York next...3 years and he's into the greatest pig trough known to man and beast !

David, the incredible hulk is going to be mad mad mad...

God helps us if Labour is the govt.  NZ will be run like the UN, which modelled itself on the movie Monthy Python..

Paves the way for a triumphant return of Aunty Helen

Updated with video of Shearer's first speech as Labour leader

No job for Cunny at the UN then?

No ..! no squinting allowed...far too P.C. at the U.N. to allow a person whose expression may be misinterpreted as disdain.

This is an excellent outcome for all New Zealanders ..... Shearer & Robertson will re-vamp the NZ Labour Party image ....... a stronger and more up to date beastie will emerge ...

...... sadly for my old buddy David Cunliffe ( hello Cunny ! ) he was tarred with his connection to Clark & Cullen , the Nanny-State , interventionalist , arrogant years .....

Shearer is a quiet achiever . He believes in " growing the pie " , quite the opposite of Michael Cullen whose sole aim was to cut a stale pie into ever smaller pieces ...

... and he's got Jolly Kid style non-political persona . Backed up with some good new policies , such as a land-tax ( and dropping the CGT ) he may even lure some National voters over to his side ......

This is a day for celebration . A brilliant decision . Well done , Labour .

Yes GBH I think they got it right...a bit frightening in itself really.

 The old guard await their fate in nervous but resigned anticipation. 

 For me I don't see the wisdom of keeping Cunliffe in the shadow finance position, human nature dictates he must have been pissed  off to think it was close when in fact it was 22/12.

MMMM no, I think he would now be just waiting for Shearer to f$%k up....and hey presto, ambitions  revived quicker than you can say....who's next..?

 God spare us if Pagani starts touting the new boy....poor old Phill will realize where all that bad advice was coming from.

Hello Count : Cunny is a talented guy , if he can rein in his ego , he will be a front bencher in the Shearer government of 2014 ...... if not , he will go .

But I'd be surprised ( and disappointed ) if Labour grow disenchanted with the Shearer / Robertson ticket , and remove them prior to the next election .

...... Clearly National are populist tinkerers , not real reformers , they need to get out of the way , and let a Labour government un-Cullenise the economy ----- to remove the dopey middleclass welfare policies which we cannot afford ...

JK is a nice guy .. but we need a tough guy , now .. government spending is overwhelming the economy . We are living way beyond our means ...

.. hopefully Shearer can steer Labour away from the seriously stupid vote bribing policies of the Clark & Cullen era .....


 And a big Hello to your good self  GBH

Yes the sad thing is , it's his ( Shearer's) political savy that will be called into question by endless streams of smart ass political interviewers looking for brownie points.

 If he can survive the onslaught coupled with the odd gaff he will find favour with the public voter.

 If his credentials areanything to go by, he will learn quickly to trust his own judgement rather than the advice of the political purist.....such as Pagani.

 P.s. I have not caught up with Walter yet but I will...he's on a wine tour I believe.

Count : Shearer will have to acquit himself well in the cut & thrust of the parliamentary debating chamber .... JK will make mincemeat of him initially ..... but Robertson is an experienced & capable fellow , he can guide his leader through the tough early days ....

.... Shearer needs to show the media , that he is a man of substance , no featherweight ... give the man time , be patient ...

As for Walter , I believe he's on a whine tour ...... having a little bitch about every place he visits ..... as if we can all be as perfect as Kaikoura !

oh, oh, whine tour.......I see...er well perhaps tomorrow then.

... my 6 year old is on the whine right now ..... " I don't wanna muffin " ...... " I don't wanna go to bed " ...... " I don't wanna have you as my daddy " ......

... where's she get this sloppy languish from anyway , " wanna " ........ geeez , kids huh !

 " I don't wanna have you as my daddy " ...... fair pissed myself...off to mop it up .

The latest is :

...... " I don't wanna shower " ....... " do I have to clean my nose " ...... " I don't like shampoo " ......

..... flipping heck , how much nasal hair does the kid have , she's gonna shampoo it !

First: Show me the NZpeople  – not show me the money..

 Congratulation for David Shearer.

 In today’s uncertain, greedy and corrupt world it is good to see the Labour party having a leader, who has a humanitarian background, helping the disadvantaged. I’m sure he represents the NZpublic the wider NZpopulation and not just the money like so many others. I’m sure he’s representing ethic and moral standards. I think he and his team are capable and convince the parliament for most needed culture changes and better adaption to the world situation. He will be an excellent challenge to PM Key. I think he and his team and others from the opposition can break current megalomaniac economic ambitions and return to responsible decisions making in order to provide the younger generation a decent future in beautiful New Zealand..

 …and hopefully all these expectations are turning into reality, otherwise New Zealand - I don’t have hope for a better future.

No, no guys writing this article no wine or other drugs are involved - I’m completely sober .I drunk Orange juice,  Ginger beer and aeh - hmm I have forgotten.

mmm.. issue with reality?

Here's a reality , Chairman Moa : NZ is in the rare position of having both a PM & a leader of the opposition who are amiable , likeable guys .... who have had a real career long before entering politics ..... and both of whom exhibit commonsense ....

...... compare us to any other country , Australia , America , Japan , ...... we're in a sweet spot , at long last .

Awesome !

I'll drink to that, cheers GBH


Sir Humphrey will sort them out....

Hopefully.  DS doesn't turn out to be a male version of HC (she could be a he - who knows).  And that GR isn't another Darren!  But then Ms Fenton as whip will scare the hell out of them and whip them into good behaviour ! 

PS..I saw a T shirt at the local market, it says "you bring the a_se I'll bring the whip"  should send it to Ms Fenton


CM – just settle my boy – don’t twist things and fantasise too much. We cannot say JK was a greedy, corrupt FX trader as many are suggesting. We have to stick to reality. He’s a likable, amiable PM.