Kiwisaver schemes

Name No. of Funds GAP Score
0 - 100
($ mil)
Members Data
as at
Amanah KiwiSaver Plan1100 to 100n/an/a1 Jan 70
AMP Kiwisaver Scheme120 to 901,106.1147,85330 Sep 11
ANZ Bank0N/An/an/a1 Jan 70
ANZ Default Kiwisaver Scheme60 to 80500.577,22930 Sep 11
ANZ Kiwisaver Scheme60 to 80461.4123,62130 Sep 11
ANZ New Zealand Investments Limited0N/An/an/a1 Jan 70
Aon KiwiSaver Scheme140 to 84128.417,70430 Sep 11
ASB Kiwisaver Scheme50 to 801,880.0313,89530 Sep 11
BNZ KiwiSaver Scheme50 to 0n/an/a1 Jan 70
Booster Kiwisaver Scheme150 to 100162.4n/a30 Sep 11
Craigs Investment Partners Kiwistart Defined Scheme80 to 100254.3n/a30 Sep 11
Craigs Investment Partners Kiwistart Select Scheme10 to 0n/an/a30 Sep 11
Fisher Funds Kiwisaver Scheme220 to 100455.9113,72430 Sep 11
Fisher Funds Two60 to 100673.799,10530 Sep 11
Forsyth Barr Kiwisaver Scheme120 to 100n/an/a30 Sep 11
Generate KiwiSaver Scheme30 to 0n/an/a1 Jan 70
Kiwi Wealth Kiwisaver Scheme60 to 100588.856,36930 Sep 11
Lifestages Kiwisaver Scheme420 to 80n/an/a30 Sep 11
Mercer Kiwisaver Scheme70 to 100560.383,18930 Sep 11
Milford Kiwisaver Plan335 to 7233.32,92030 Sep 11
OneAnswer Kiwisaver Scheme130 to 100642.365,46430 Sep 11
Staples Rodway Kiwisaver Scheme30 to 6225.73,03530 Sep 11
Superlife Kiwisaver Scheme200 to 100n/an/a30 Sep 11
Westpac Kiwisaver Scheme110 to 781,043.7133,43030 Sep 11

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