Daily currency rates comparison and news for Wednesday, May 1, 2019

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Customer SELLS NZD, Buys FCY
Bank BUYS NZD, Sells FCY
Bank BUYS FCY, Sells NZD
Best Bank Bank Average XE money
Best Bank Bank Average XE money
-------------- NZ$ 1.00 = -------------- as at 12:00 AM, October 23, 2019 -------------- NZ$ 1.00 = --------------
0.9201 0.9185 0.9304 AUD Australian dollar 0.9515 0.9529 0.9398
0.6329 0.6313 0.6383 USD United States dollar 0.6547 0.6556 0.6447
0.5656 0.5653 0.5730 EUR Euro 0.5874 0.5889 0.5788
68.49 68.48 69.31 YEN Japanese Yen 71.08 71.26 70.01
0.4872 0.4864 0.4929 GBP British pound 0.5046 0.5052 0.4979
0.8586 0.8574 0.8695 SGD Singapore dollar 0.8890 0.8907 0.8783
0.8256 0.8244 0.8360 CAD Canadian dollar 0.8548 0.8567 0.8444

How to read these rates

Currency exchange rates on this page are supplied for indication purposes only, and may or may not be rates offered by any institution. We source this data from publically available sources, at the time shown above. Rates change often, and different institutions are competitive in different currencies. The information on this page can help you quickly assess the general range of prices you may get today, but not the specific cost. 'Customer BUYS...' shows rates an institution may sell at. 'Customer SELLS...' shows rates an institution may buy from you on a TT basis. Smaller value transactions (under NZ$25,000) may attract less competitive pricing - although each institution has its own policies. Always get a fixed quote before you transact - but remember any quote will be valid for only a very short period (usually minutes). XE FX rates are dependent on a range of factors, including a clients expected annual FX turnover and the average transaction size. Rates by individual banks are shown on our live webpages here and here.

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