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THL - Tourism Holdings profile

This is a basic profile of an NZX50 listed company. It is not investment advice. We recommend you contact a qualified adviser if you need more information.

Tourism Holdings 


NZX code: THL
Short name: Tourism Holdings
Legal name: Tourism Holdings Limited
Industry sector: Tourism
NZX50 rank: 33 of 50
Head office address: Level 1, 83 Beach Road, Auckland, 1010
Chairman: Cathy Quinn
Chief executive: Grant Webster
Financial year ended: June
Locations: New Zealand
Auditor: Pwc
Bankers: ANZ, Westpac, HSBC

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Tourism Holdings

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THL capitalisation
THL rank in NZX50
THL share price
THL % change to capitalisation
THL $mln change to capitalisation

Financial statement history

A. Recent trading and performance summary:

NPAT Earnings
per share
fye June mln mln cents
2018 $425.9 $62.4 50.8
2019 $423.0 $29.8 23.7
2020 $400.9 $27.4 18.6
2021 $359.2 ($14.5) (9.2)
2022 $345.8 ($2.1) (1.0)
2023 $663.8 $49.9 26.4

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B. Recent financial position summary:

fye June mln mln %
2018 $578.0 $328.0 43.3
2019 $602.5 $325.5 46.0
2020 $653.6 $328.5 49.7
2021 $538.1 $225.5 58.1
2022 $595.8 $264.2 55.7
2023 $1343.6 $732.6 45.5

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C. Recent cash flows and positions:

Cash and equiv. 
at year end
fye June mln mln mln
2018 $24.6 $17.7 $13.5
2019 $10.2 $14.9 $8.8
2020 $69.1 $42.7 $35.5
2021 $87.0 $82.6 $38.1
2022 $19.3 $21.6 $38.8
2023 $105.4 ($61.4) $76.8

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D. Recent key ratio analysis:

per share
NTA/share Dividend
fye June cents annual avg dollars annual avg %
2018 50.8 13.0 1.67 4.10
2019 23.7 15.8 1.85 7.22
2020 18.6 10.6 1.87 N/A
2021 (9.2) (27.5) 1.76 N/A
2022 (1.0) (232) 1.82 N/A
2023 26.5 14.4 1.96 N/A

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Description of trading activities 

Tourism Holdings Ltd. (THL) is a premium transportation and travel company. Listed on the NZX and ASX, THL brings together tourism, and an enriching way to experience the world. ‘Championing’ a way in order to travel creating value for people, places, and environments. THL designs, and builds RV’s. 

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CEO profile

Grant Webster was appointed Chief Executive Officer in December of 2008. As of December, 2022 Webster was appointed Managing Director. Webster has served in many different industries and governing bodies. Nine years on the Tourism Industry Board including periods as Chair and Deputy Chair. Webster was also a co-Chair for New Zealand Government’s Tourism Futures Taskforce in 2020. Webster graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from Victoria University and has completed executive studies at the Insead Advanced Management Programme in Fontainebleau an Monash University, Australia. Webster is also on the Board of Les Mills Holdings NZ. 

Chairman profile

Cathy Quinn was appointed Chair of THL in June 2022. Quinn has been a Director, appointed in September 2017 therefore spending time in THL. Quinn is a former senior corporate partner at MinsterEllisonRuddWatts. Serving as the firm's Chair for a total of eight years. Quinn is also a Director of Fletcher Building Limited, Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited, Rangatira Limited and is Chair of Fertility Associates. 



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