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CNU - Chorus profile

This is a basic profile of an NZX50 listed company. It is not investment advice. We recommend you contact a qualified adviser if you need more information.



NZX code: CNU
Short name: Chorus 
Legal name: Chorus Limited
Industry sector: Telecommunications 
NZX50 rank: 13 of 50
Head office address: Level 10, 1 Willis Street, Wellington, 6011
Chairman: Patrick Strange
Chief executive: JB Rousselot
Financial year ended: June
Locations: New Zealand
Auditor: KPMG
Bankers: [not revealed]

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Financial statement history

A. Recent trading and performance summary:

NPAT Earnings
per share
fye June mln mln cents
2016 $1008 $91 23
2017 $1040 $113 28
2018 $990 $85 20
2019 $970 $53 12
2020 $959 $52 12

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B. Recent financial position summary:

fye June bln bln %
2016 $4.09 $3.22 21.3
2017 $4.44 $3.49 21.4
2018 $5.01 $3.99 20.4
2019 $5.62 $4.64 17.4
2020 $5.64 $4.72 16.3

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C. Recent cash flows and positions:

Cash and equiv. 
at year end
fye June mln mln mln
2016 $596 $574 $102
2017 $710 $642 $170
2018 $650 $770 $50
2019 $1033 $810 $273
2020 $474 $752 -$5

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Description of trading activities 

Chorus NZ builds and manages an open access internet network, providing ultra-fast broadband to New Zealand phone and internet providers.

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CEO profile

"JB has held positions at Telstra and NBN Co. He holds an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management (USA) and a masters degree in Engineering from Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées (France)."

Chairman profile

Patrick Strange has been the Chairman of Chorus since 2015. He is also currently the chair of Auckland international Airport, a director of Mercury NZ and on the Board of Essential Energy Australia. Patrick has had 30 years experience working as a senior director and executive in both private and listed companies.


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