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FBU - Fletcher Building profile

This is a basic profile of an NZX50 listed company. It is not investment advice. We recommend you contact a qualified adviser if you need more information.

Fletcher Building


NZX code: FBU
Short name: Fletcher Building
Legal name: Fletcher Building Limited
Industry sector: Construction
NZX50 rank: 9 of 50
Head office address: 810 Great South Road, Auckland 1061
Chairman: Bruce Hassall
Chief executive: Ross Taylor
Financial year ended: June
Locations: New Zealand, Australia, America, China
Auditor: EY
Bankers: ANZ, Bank of China, BNZ, China Construction Bank,
Citibank, MUFG Bank, HSBC and Westpac.

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Fletcher Building

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FBU capitalisation
FBU rank in NZX50
FBU share price
FBU % change to capitalisation
FBU $mln change to capitalisation

Financial statement history

A. Recent trading and performance summary:

NPAT Dividend
per share
fye June bln mln cents
2017 $9.4 $94 39
2018 $9.5 ($190) 0
2019 $9.3 $164 23
2020 $7.3 ($196) 0
2021 $8.1 $305 30

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B. Recent financial position summary:

fye June bln bln %
2017 $7.67 $4.09 46.7
2018 $8.53 $4.40 48.4
2019 $7.71 $3.54 54.1
2020 $8.78 $5.24 40.3
2021 $8.01 $4.24 47.1

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C. Recent cash flows and positions:

Cash and equiv. 
at year end
fye June mln mln bln
2017 $472 $607 $0.2
2018 $668 $228 $0.7
2019 $1,067 $355 $1.4
2020 $410 $677 $1.1
2021 $889 $1322 $0.7

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D. Recent key ratio analysis:

per share
NTA/share Dividend
fye June cents annual avg dollars annual avg %
2017 13.5 56.7 2.73 5.10
2018 (25.5) (27.3) 3.30 N/A
2019 19.2 25.3 3.57 4.74
2020 (23.5) (15.7) 2.88 N/A
2021 37.0 20.3 3.22 3.99

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Description of trading activities 


"We manufacture building products; from insulation that keeps homes warm and dry, to cement, the foundation of built structures the world over. We operate retail businesses that distribute these products and many more to tradespeople right across the Tasman. We also build homes, buildings, and infrastructure that create communities, improve productivity, and contribute to the quality of life for people living and working in cities and regions across our markets.” 


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CEO profile

Ross Taylor has spent his career in the Real Estate, Construction, and Engineering sectors internationally. He has direct experience across much of the sector value chain having led businesses with activities in; investment, development, construction, product manufacturing, and resources extraction and operations. He has been the CEO of Fletcher building since November 2017.

Chairman profile

Bruce Hassall is a former senior partner and chief executive officer of PwC New Zealand he has extensive advisory background and knowledge of the corporate environment. He is also the chair of The Farmers' Trading Company Limited and Prolife Foods Limited, and is a director of Bank of New Zealand and Fonterra Co-operative Group.


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