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FPH - Fisher & Paykel Healthcare profile

This is a basic profile of an NZX50 listed company. It is not investment advice. We recommend you contact a qualified adviser if you need more information.

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare


NZX code: FPH
Short name: Fisher & Paykel 
Legal name: Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Corporation Limited
Industry sector: Healthcare equpiment
NZX50 rank: 1 of 50
Head office address: 15 Maurice Paykel Place, Auckland, 1061
Chairman: Scott St John
Chief executive: Lewis Gradon 
Financial year ended: March
Locations: New Zealand, Australia, Mexico
Auditor: Pwc
Bankers: [not revealed]

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Financial statement history

A. Recent trading and performance summary:

NPAT Dividend
per share
fye March bln mln cents
2017 $0.894 $169 19.5
2018 $0.981 $190 21.25
2019 $1.070 $209 23.25
2020 $1.264 $287 27.50
2021 $1.971 $524 38.00

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B. Recent financial position summary:

fye March bln mln %
2017 $0.88 $217 75.3
2018 $1.03 $264 74.4
2019 $1.21 $294 75.7
2020 $1.44 $461 68.0
2021 $2.08 $554 73.4

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C. Recent cash flows and positions:

Cash and equiv. 
at year end
fye March mln mln mln
2017 $193.6 $150.7 $45.6
2018 $247.8 $277.6 $15.8
2019 $253.3 $238.8 $30.9
2020 $321.4 $314.7 $36.4
2021 $625.3 $575.3 $85.4

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Description of trading activities 

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare is a manufacturer, designer and marketer of products and systems for use in respiratry care, acute care, and the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. Fisher & Paykel Healthcare has a purpose of improving care and outcomes through inspired, world-leading healthcare solutions. 

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CEO profile

Lewis became Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer in April 2016. Prior to that, he spent 15 years as Senior Vice President – Products & Technology, and six years as General Manager – Research and Development. During his 37-year tenure with Fisher & Paykel Healthcare he has held various engineering positions overseeing the development of our range of products as well the development of our manufacturing, quality, intellectual property, supply chain and clinical research functions. He has a Bachelor of Science – Physics

Chairman profile

Scott is Chancellor of the University of Auckland and a director of Mercury Limited, the NEXT Foundation and Fonterra Cooperative Group Limited. Scott was Chief Executive Officer of First NZ Capital from 2002 to 2017. He is a member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and a fellow of the Institute of Finance Professionals of New Zealand. He has Bachelor of Commerce, Diploma in Business


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