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GNE - Genesis Energy profile

This is a basic profile of an NZX50 listed company. It is not investment advice. We recommend you contact a qualified adviser if you need more information.

Genesis Energy 


NZX code: GNE
Short name: Genesis Energy
Legal name: Genesis Energy Limited
Industry sector: Energy
NZX50 rank: 22 of 50
Head office address: 660 Great South Road, Greenlane, Auckland
Chairman: Barbara Chapman
Chief executive: Marc England
Financial year ended: June
Locations: New Zealand
Auditor: Deloitte
Bankers: Westpac

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Genesis Energy

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GNE capitalisation
GNE rank in NZX50
GNE share price
GNE % change to capitalisation
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Financial statement history

A. Recent trading and performance summary:

NPAT Dividend
per share
fye June bln mln cents
2017 $2.0 $119 16.60
2018 $2.3 $20 16.90
2019 $2.7 $59 17.05
2020 $2.6 $46 17.20
2021 $3.2 $34 14.40


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B. Recent financial position summary:

fye June bln bln %
2017 $4.22 $2.24 46.9
2018 $4.23 $2.27 46.3
2019 $4.69 $2.54 45.8
2020 $4.58 $2.51 45.2
2021 $5.24 $3.19 39.1

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C. Recent cash flows and positions:

Cash and equiv. 
at year end
fye June mln mln mln
2017 $402.5 $409.6 $27.8
2018 $330.6 $309.1 $49.3
2019 $311.4 $298.8 $61.9
2020 $307.5 $336.9 $32.5
2021 $323.8 $252.0 $104.3

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D. Recent key ratio analysis:

per share
NTA/share Dividend
fye June cents annual avg dollars annual avg %
2017 16.6 14.6 1.61 6.83
2018 16.9 14.4 1.57 6.93
2019 17.1 20.3 1.75 4.91
2020 17.2 17.6 1.66 5.68
2021 14.4 23.6 1.58 5.12

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Description of trading activities 

“Genesis Energy is a diversified New Zealand energy company. It sells electricity, reticulated natural gas and LPG through its retail brands of Genesis Energy and Energy Online. It is New Zealand’s largest energy retailer with around 500,000 customers. The Company generates electricity from a diverse portfolio of thermal and renewable generation assets located in different parts of the country. Genesis Energy also has a 46% interest in the Kupe Joint Venture, which owns the Kupe Oil and Gas Field offshore of Taranaki, New Zealand.”

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CEO profile

Marc England has been the chief executive since May 2016. Qualifications include engineering (M.Eng), finance, commercial and operational skills. He has a management record of 20 years in a variety of sectors, including retail, automotive and most recently, retail energy and oil.

Chairman profile

Barbara Chapman joined the Genesis Board in May 2018 and assumed the role of Chairman in October 2018. She is also the Chairman of NZME and a director of Fletcher Building, and is the deputy-Chair of The New Zealand Initiative. Barbara is the Chairman of the APEC CEO Summit Committee and co-Chair of the APEC Business Leadership Group.


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