The Interesties: Our awards for the best and worst for 2010; 'Ripping Bernard's throat out'; 'The fish stinks from the head';

The Interesties: Our awards for the best and worst for 2010; 'Ripping Bernard's throat out'; 'The fish stinks from the head';

Here we go with this year's version and of the best and worst for 2010 on Here is last year's version of The Interesties.

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Quote of the year: "The Fish kind of stinks from the head". This was South Canterbury Finance CEO Sandy Maier commenting on Allan Hubbard's management of South Canterbury.

Snarl of the year: Mark Hotchin when confronted by the NZHerald on the Gold Coast.

The Jane Diplock award for growing a pair after years of standing by with a puzzled look award: Jane Diplock for freezing Mark Hotchin's assets.

The hardest working man in the business of business show business: SFO CEO Adam Feeley for shaking the SFO into a frenzy of investigations, charges and press releases.

The Enza award for things going pear shaped all year long: Allied Hanover CEO Rob Alloway's rolling discovery of the mess left him by Mark Hotchin.

Most "progressive and pragmatic" central bank award: The Reserve Bank of New Zealand. This was the comment from UBS analysts when describing the bank's decision to allow New Zealand banks to issue covered bonds up to 10% of assets, ahead of the Australian regulators, who had banned them. UBS saw New Zealand as a major profit driver for the Australian banks this year.

The cheeky old bugger award for quote of the year: Allan Crafar for this comment about me in the NBR: "He had his stomach stapled, but it should have been his throat. He got it in the wrong place." (It was actually a gastric bypass, but I admire the mental image)

Best use of a Muppets picture in a story about John Key and Bill English: This story about the need for Key and English to be more curmudgeonly.

The Corporal Jones award for best plea not to panic in the face of fiscal difficulty: John Key.

From Alex Tarrant:

Award for making a big fuss about something and then skirting any responsibility when it goes wrong (sponsored by every other city council in New Zealand): Rodney Hide. He wrote that Auckland rates should only go up 3.9% in the Super City's first year of setting them. At the moment it looks as if they'll go up 4.9% and it could have been 8%.  He was disappointed as a ratepayer but wouldn't comment as Minister for Local Government. It was your baby Rodney, and it hasn't worked out like you said it should.

Twit (or is it Twat?) of the year: Tau Henare. Well done Sir for staying in touch with the virtual electorate.

Worst MP of the year whose actions are likely to put people off voting: Hmmmmm Let's just say he is now able to join the US army.

Commenter of the year on the basis of sheer volume: Close contest between Wolly and Gummy Bear Hero

Comment of the year: "A printable deck of cards?" KW John on Hotchin's head on a pike.

Video of the year: The Bernank and the QEII. Now watched by 3.8 million.

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Gummy Bear wins hands down, he is more balanced and attuned

Thanks muzza .

Truth be told , I've tuned into Nicholas Arrand's ( St. Nick ) , and Christov's comments for good info , links , and laughs  .

For sheer volume of blogs , I reckon that steven tops most of us . Wolly excepted .

No Rogers - end of 2010 comments aren't fresh anymore - rather gummy. I vote for Olly the property stallion - lot's of white teeth biting into soft flesh on the right spot - outch - a real BB.

It is time for a performance list of our parliamentarians and ministers including the PM. Each one performing below 0 or the last three should not only be sacked immediately but not be allowed to be replaced until the members of parliament reaches a 100.

What do you thing Mr Brownell/ Joycye/ Schlussel ?

I kind of think that our own gloomsteriser , Bernard , is an " interestie " of 2010 .  But I looked for him  , and he was not hair ....................

That TIM TEBOW ! What'd you do if your teenage daughter's date knocked on the door , and when you opened it , there stood TT !

Ha ha probably nothing too cheeky or he might take a bite out of the Gummy Bear!

Stop wittering on you lot and get on with your this for comment.

great link Rob, thanks.   I can use that in a few arguments :)

Turquoise , Bernard ! That was the colour of 2010 . Did you know that , fashion dolt ? ....

.... One suspects not ,as it was the  colour chosen  to calm and reassure us , during recessionary times ............ And all you did in 2010 was to give us 10 reasons every day to shit in our nappies !

Get with the programme in 2011 , Hickey . Pantone (USA) have decreed " honeysuckle " to be the year's colour . This is a pink-red hue [ I've  seen the shirt you wear , in the pic next to Gareth Vaughan ] which is " lively and bold " . No excuses , check the wardrobe , you got honeysuckle in there , Beau Brummell .

Lively and bold , guy , no more turquoisean gloomsterisationalysing .

Be lively and bold , you are told !!!!