John Pagani: Key says it shouldn't be news your taxes paid to get the PM on Letterman

John Pagani: Key says it shouldn't be news your taxes paid to get the PM on Letterman

Wait, you mean there are people who didn't think the PM's appearance on Letterman involved aggressive lobbying by well-connected PR people?

How did people think he got there? Did they believe the Letterman producers were desperately phoning the PM's press secretaries inviting him on? How would that production meeting go - "gee you know who would be great on the show?"

Did they think a gentle inquiry from Tourism NZ gets you into that market?


I admire the skill of the PM's office in dropping this story as if it was a fresh controversy, just to remind everyone, "Hey John Key went on Letterman to promote New Zealand." It was maybe his only foreign policy triumph. They're milking it beautifully.

But someone is lying about the price. If I booked you on Letterman, believe me, the bill would be a lot higher than $10,000.

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envy politix again eh John -  do you reckon Phil Goff would have have made it there ? - more likely Letterman would have paid Phil NOT to go on the show !

The danger is that if Letterman decides to invite Phil Goff to his show, all of us will have to pay Letterman to withdraw the invitation!