Survey says; Why women make better investors; The art of salary negotiation; Suze Orman's view; Why nice girls finish last at work

Survey says; Why women make better investors; The art of salary negotiation; Suze Orman's view; Why nice girls finish last at work

By Amanda Morrall (email)

Statistics tell me not many women come to our website. That said, I get quite a few emails (from both sexes) so I know we do have some female readers out there taking an active interest in money at all levels. It was international women's week earlier this month but the subject matter should be top of women's minds all year round I would argue. To that end, here's five links to stimulate debate at the next girl's night out or with hubby at the next Sunday night financial summit around the kitchen table.

1) Survey says

A survey from Westpac found that whilst women dominate at the home front when it comes to managing money, they do so largely at the expense of their own financial well-being and long-term security.  Here's the original  story  summarising the highlights and findings.

2) Why women make better investors

Despite women's reluctance to invest, research suggests they make for highly competent investors. That's because generally speaking women don't take big risks, they like to understand what they are investing in before turning their money over, and they follow the plot quite closely.

This article by Cameron Watson at Craigs Investment Partners takes a closer look at women's aptitudes where investing is concerned.

3) The art of salary negotiation

One of the biggest financial mistakes women make right off the bat is failing to demand what they are worth when they take their first job and at pretty much every subsequent salary review going forward. Their failure to approach salary negotiations comes at a huge sacrifice financially. That's particularly the case because studies show that women still earn less than men for the same job...somewhere between 70 to 80% of what their male counterpart earns. Their departure from the workforce later on to have children is a further blow to income earning and savings.  

Here's a primer from on how to conduct a successful salary negotiation.

4) Suze Orman's view

I have to say I lost a bit of respect for Suze when she started flogging her own personal pre-loaded debit card which turned out to have above average fees. Regardless, Suze has done a fair bit for the "movement" and helping to raise the financial literacy levels of both sexes. Here's what Suze has to say on the subject of women and money and how we need to lift our game.

5) Why nice girls finish last

And finally, here's a piece we ran from financial writer and career counsellor Joan Baker, author of "A Man is Not a Financial Plan.'' When we originally ran this article it generated heaps of comments, mainly from our male readership of course. Most of them seemed to agree with her straight forward advice for gals trying to get ahead.

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Hey Amanda didn't we do the.... Why nice girls finish last at work...early in 2011...? this is not a property thread like Ollie's...fresh n fruity is what you deliver.
 Nice girls finish last for the same reason nice guys do.....! They give way when appropriate and further when unnecessary....until their wallpaper.....real nice backdrop, but hardly in your face furniture.  

Guilty as charged Cristov. I call it recycling. The Fresh and Fruity is the sidedish appearance on TVOne (today). Why nice girls is still a good yarn and worth a second round which is why I ran it.
Glad to hear you are following personal finance closely. 

Surely dominating house hold budgets and being better investors is motivated by the greater desire to spend? 

As a rule scarfie, I don't think that statement would bear scrutiny, might just as easily say that the instinct to nurture remains long after the need.( as a motivator) 
 People regardless of sex dominate household income and bugets more often from a protective instinct than a desire to spend....that is why we often reach a point when, we no longer know ,if enough is going to be enough.
 By the time we reach a conclusion we are usually passing it on through one means or another.

Awww come on Count, you ruined all the fun I was hoping to have. 

My apologies scarfie for my thoughtless interruption to your set up for the gag...I was a fool not to see it... by way of pennance I'm off to do Three Hustlers ..two Hombre's washed down with an FHM.
 Once again sorry matey..!

All forgiven:-P See you were supposed to read it with a smile, but hey even Amanda is too serious today. Must be the rain.
You are both of course quite right.

Ah, no Scarfie. It isn't. I dare say both my grannies, who managed the household money as well as invested it, didn't shop til you drop. A product of being Depression era kids I expect. Consumerism runs rampant in both sexes. 

Judging from the "related research" headlines at the bottom of that blog, I would hardly call that "analysis" or give it any credence for that matter. 

You go , girl ! ........... Ssssssssssssss ....... feel the burn !!!

Satire doesn't generally seek credence. Unfortunately that doesn't stop people from taking it seriously.
Now where's my coffee ?

Gotta be the right thread...
"Christchurch's rebuild should encourage physical activity as lack of exercise is one of the leading causes of premature death, a visiting Northern Ireland health expert says.
Dr Mark Tully, of Queen's University in Belfast, gave a public lecture in Christchurch on Tuesday on the effects of urban environments on people's exercise habits."
I'm orf to Belfast to lecture them university lot on the evils of sinking too many pints...causes premature idiocy.

Women are great investors?
Minus the appetite for clothes, shoe hoarding, hair appointments, nail polish, cosmetics, jewellery,  shampoos and conditioners, drapes and kitchen bling, ..............etc etc
Let's be honest now, women are GREAT consumers also

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