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These are just a few of my favourite things that I wish the Easter Bunny would have brought a decade ago. And these are the top five NZ equities picks from a handful of experts

These are just a few of my favourite things that I wish the Easter Bunny would have brought a decade ago. And these are the top five NZ equities picks from a handful of experts

By Amanda Morrall (email)

I have eggs on my mind today. Not boiled, scrambled, or chocolate although I will undoubtedly be tucking into the latter over the next few days. No, the kind of eggs I am contemplating are the one's I'd like to feather my retirement nest with.

The experts suggest you should only invest in what you know and understand. Using that logic, my share market shopping list would consist of companies that specialised in the following: 1) coffee 2) chocolate 3) yoga 4) books and 5) music.

Extrapolating from my tastes and preferences for the things I love (and get) my portfolio basket would consist of a pinch of raw commodities (coffee, cocoa and cotton - apparently organic is going gangbusters) a sprinkling of LuluLemon (too bad I missed the boat as it's overpriced now), a touch of Amazon and a dash of Apple. All my favourites are hideously expensive now but if I'd been braver and bolder, and more financially savvy 10-15 years ago, I'd be in good form today I reckon.

Here's what a sampling of experts are choosing for 2012 as published in Forbes Money.

What are some of New Zealand's fund managers packing in their KiwiSaver baskets and what are other experts are keeping their eye on? I decided to find out.

Here's a sampling:

1) Milford Asset Management's active growth KiwiSaver fund - top five NZ equities holdings:

Ryman Healthcare (NZ)

Chorus (NZ)

Diligent Board Member Services (NZ)

Restaurant  Brands

Turners Auctions

2) Fisher Funds Management - KiwiSaver Growth Fund - top five NZ equities

Ryman Healthcare



Metlifecare NZ


3) Craig Simpson, senior analyst's top 5 picks

Contact Energy



Fisher & Paykel Healthcare


4) Macquarie Securities Broker's top five picks for 2012


Pumpkin Patch



Transpacific Industries

5) Hamilton Hindin Green - Broker's top five picks for 2012

F&P  Healthcare





If I could put in a request to the Easter Bunny, this year I'd be asking for a generous handful of TradeMe shares (I know and get TradeMe), a portion of the SOEs when they get floated, (I am bracing now for the winter bill shock), a dollop of NZ bank bonds (apparently the credit spreads make them a good bet), and of course I always love cash. I'm keen on the loonie and the Aussie. I'll pass on the gold watch but I wouldn't say no to a big bar of it. Hey, a girl can always dream. I hope the Easter bunny is good to you too.

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Carefull with the Chorus...peaked early ...will put more weight on but in the long, rather than short game.
I jumed on it in Nov 2011....very hmmmmm I'm  thinking F&P health...Restraurant brands...of that lot....

I dont see any shares myself, no way better completely out. The trend i think will be down quite a bit over 2012. If we hit a depression it will be oh god.  So finding something that gains when everything is 50% over-priced seems like looking for doggy doo doo in a minefiled with bare feet and a blind fold.
Contact shares have lost money in the 21months since I sold them, pretty close to of the worst preformers I got rid of, I see nothing to indicate a reversal?
Turners auctions I also doubt, trademe has been eating them up from the little ive watched and I dont see whats to turn around..
Pumkin patch are clothing retail, they are screwed IMHO, retail is in for a very bad few years. Amazon is very cut throat....I really wonder....but you never know.....
Westapc, LOL, well I wouldnt go near a bank (shares).....huge housing/farming exposure
Restaurant  Brands, ive never liked....and shares have been dropping for a year.....will poor ppl who are strapped for cash continue to boost sales on kentucky fried rat?  I wonder....
Nuplex, chemical companies get hit in a recession/depression...."Polymer resins are essential ingredients in a wide range of products used every day, from basic necessities, through consumer durables to luxury goods."  - see retail....

Your experience is just in New Zealand based companies , or overseas ones too ?
...... might I suggest a little Easter reading : " Warren Buffett Invests Like a Girl ( and why you should too ) " by Louann Lofton .

Women do it better than men ... Better at investment due to Buy & hold tendencies as opposed to Trading inclinations (Guys).
E.g. Buy a home (don't rent) then just hold. Time will do the rest for you. e.g. Keep plugging 2% into your conservative KS fund - set & forget.

my five for what its worth
nz farming systems
millenium copthorne
restaurant brands
goodman fielder
haven't done any research but got as much chance as the socalled experts

Gummie's Top 5 : Fletcher Building , Michael Hill , Nuplex , Cavalier , Millennium .
...... nice to see that real investments , productive ones , finally get a hearing at ... well done Amanda .......
Sick of all the articles about freakin' houses ......... oh yeah , Hickey's on holiday , ain't he !

"On any given day 29,000 students skip school – the equivalent of Blenheim's entire population missing from class.
And serial truants, who may be bunking school to smoke drugs, babysit younger siblings or help with household chores, are already on the road to prison or welfare dependency, a prominent principal says."
Ask the truants...likely as not most will say school is a prison......and so what's the big problem!
Is it not just a case of the prominent principal fearful of a blot in the CV, for having a truancy rate worse than the average!.....ask the frontline teacher what they think about not having the trouble in their class....we all know the answer.

#678716 by Andrew J. where is it please...?

#678713 by GBH . where is please..?

....... has the immoderator wiped me out again , Count ?
Not before time , say I ........ lawdy , they let anyone onto this site nowadays ....
... I refuse to belong to an outfit whose standards are so slovenly low that they'd admit me ..........

Gummy, I was kind.
Play nice huh?

i must say Amanda...I felt my post was less risque than many...certainly not abusive...certainly not intended to cause offence.
Off topic..? perhaps ....but , I think should realise by now some of the banter is what keeps some of us here...otherwise it's often a lot of white noise(myself included).
Reading between the lines ,sometimes even banter reflects an opinion or position on something.
 P.S. I cannot imagine that A.J. had anything to say to be removed....Gummy and I ...well I guess if you really want to be picky.
Have a most excellent week. 

It wasn't your post that was offending but the first pushed the limits. As they were all shackled together when I deleted the first, the rest went. Don't worry, I haven't lost my sense of humour. You boys are the entertainment.:)
You have a good week as well. Auckland is still on holidays judging by the traffic -- on the road.

Tsk tsk ! ...... I was paraphrasing the great Groucho Marx .........
...... and we thought you were widely read on the world's foremost philosophers and economists , Amanda .......
Marxian  economics founded the mighty Soviet Union's economy ( and look how that ended up , stinking like fish , floundered ! ) ......

In fact GBH it was Groucho's rendition of the line..."Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn" that made Clarke Gable look  like a two bit hack with clicky teeth.
 ya gotta love the Groucho.

Sorry to disappoint you Gummy. Amanda is but a humble yogi/writer who eschews scary bedtime reading. I assure you I am no Marxis, merely a naive pacifist I guess.

I think  OUT  magazine is about the scariest bedtime reading I've come left me scarred.
N here I was thinking I was all growed up...... nope apparently not.

You is more all growed up than many what is blog here , Count ...... don't worry , be happy .
....... and the Gummster is getting an important environmental education too , just been to a conservation documentary at the local theatre , " The Lorax " ....... the 6 year old loved it ...
... meebee PDK could correct me , but the key point is to locate a fresh valley of Truffula trees before you cut down the last one in this forest .... ?

Gummy is definitely a Groucho Marxist , Amanda ...... but I feel we need to cheer you up , a little light reading to give you sweet dreams .....
Mark Stevenson : A Optimist's Tour of the Future ( one curious man sets out to answer " What's Next ? " )
...... plenty of cheap copies over at Amazon ...

GBH you gotta ge back on billy backwash time....I'm off to cook the lovely one some fresh snapper......happy evening to you ..!

........snapper  just for the lovely one , what about yer wife ........ meanie !
Had BBQ sthn blue fin tuna on Sunday : Oarsome with a capital " O " ........ 'tis the season ..
..... or the seasoning ?
Either / or , happy to be shackled to you Count , as Amanda puts it , anytime snapper's on the menu .......

Don't you worry Gummy, Amanda be happy. Yogis remedy for malaise and miscommunication.