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Join us today at 1 p.m. for a live web interactive with Martin Hawes who will discuss the SOE share offer

Join us today at 1 p.m. for a live web interactive with Martin Hawes who will discuss the SOE share offer

Wondering whether to dip into that term deposit and pick up some shares in our state owned enterprises beginning with Mighty River Power?

Financial writer and advisor Martin Hawes will share his three-stage process for investing as well as answer your questions about the share offer process.

It remains unclear when the initial public offering will take place however now is the perfect time for investors to study up on the issues and prepare themselves.

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Martin can not give personalised investment advice but is able to discuss in general terms the IPO process and some considerations for whether it makes sense for you.

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I can not wait for the opportunity to buy shares in something I already own.
What a deal.

Should someone report it to police as a theft?

Well if you can demonstrate that you own it, yes. Perhaps "using a document" may be fore appropriate. However don't expect police to act, it is likely you would have to submit a private prosectution under the crimes act. Could be done however, wasn't it Trevor Mallard that was charged with assault that way?
Would be damn interesting to see it tried.

We will not be buying; it just encourages them.

James bonds more likely

Some comments and questions for Hawes below
I cant wait , but it depends on the price / yield , it must at least  be better than Gilts ( Goverment Bonds) and way over the current bank deposit rate.
In other words for me this would need to be a yield of the current  inflation% plus , say 6%.
It would then  give me a net after tax yield of around 5% for me to be happy , anything over that and I would be delighted .
What forward yield does Hawes see?
Personally , I dont see sparks in the price after listing , because Parastatals take time to transform from fat- top- heavy bureacracies to slim profit driven entities.
What is Hawes view on initial  post listing  price movements ?
Given my view about quick profit taking would one need  a very long term view for capital appreciation?
Is this an accuratre assumption and given the recent scams in Feltex, Allied Farmers etc , are SOE's the likely to be the kind of share you can put into the bottom drawer and not worry about or forget about ?
I think it this is a brilliant opportunity to invest in NZ  would be really dumb for Kiwi's not to invest in their own  infratructure instead of buying shares in Austrlalian oil pipelines and stuff like that .
What is Hawes view?

From year zero we are told to borrow to buy income generating assets...why sell the net that catches the fish unless you desperately need the money for something else? - especailly when we already own those's against the grain for me...won't be buying on principle...  

we might own the assets eg power co etc but we certainly pay for it every month and the bill continues to grow steadily.
instead of paying the govt a divedend why don't they lower the price to the consumer.

Based on your example you would therefore be expecting the current positive correlation between the Gold price in US$ and US/NZ$ cross rate to break down (or turn negative?).  
IMHO I don't think this will happen any time soon

Days to the General Election: 22
See Party Policies here. Party Lists here.