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Financially delinquent celebrities; Five US stock funds that are kicking it; 101 common money myths; 10 life changing numbers; Grooming entrepreneurs

Personal Finance
Financially delinquent celebrities; Five US stock funds that are kicking it; 101 common money myths; 10 life changing numbers; Grooming entrepreneurs

By Amanda Morrall

1) Mo money, mo trouble

Totally gratuitous financial gossip to banish the Monday blahs: Huffington Post profiles 24 celebrity saddos who are up the creek (some more so than others) because of money mismanagement. The list includes 70's macho man Burt Reynolds, bodacious BayWatch babe Pamela Anderson, tempestuous super model Naomi Campbell, boxer Mike Tyson and even the seemingly sensible Christina Ricci. Mo money, mo trouble I guess or perhaps just poor accountants in their case.

2) Fiscal peaks 

For those of you sick to death of the doom and gloom and who can't bear to hear one more word about fiscal cliffs, the Wall Street Journal's Market Watch reports on the top five stock funds that are kicking it in 2012.

3) 101 money myths

I didn't make it past 10 on this megga list of money myths (via as I wanted to deliver this column before noon however those I did get a chance to scan were about right so presumably so too are the next 91. I'm sure the list could go on and on. Feel free to add to it in the comment stream. 

4) 10 life changing numbers

Paul Merriman, writing for the Wall Street Journal's Marketwatch, maintains basic retirement planning can be distilled into 10 numbers. These numbers include things like cost of living, inflation, the size of your portfolio at present and at retirement etc. Merriman, a U.S. financial educator and advisor, says individuals who begin to focus on these numbers will start to see a significant turn-around in their financial circumstances as the puzzle pieces fall into place.

5) The making of an entrepreneur

Are entrepreneurs born or groomed? Here are some thoughts on the subject from a would-be entrepreneur still in high school blogging for the website Good Is which has some refreshingly upbeat content. Also worth bookmarking if you've had it with the mainstream media.

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The trouble with Burt Reynolds was that he spent too moch on hair pieces.

Pamela Anderson skimped on her wardrobe so she should have plenty.


If necessity is the mother of invention then certainty is the warm blanket that stifles innovation.


And even the imaginative benefit from those generous enough to show them how the game is played.


how much did he spend on that horrific face lift?

He was great in boogie nights however.


Optus rang me on the weekend with a special offer on my mobile phone plan. For a second or two I thought it was 2Day FM. I nearly topped myself.

But fortunately I'm still here, and I must say while it's fun reading about celebs crashing and burning financially, it doesn't match the sheer spectacle of watching the rise and very dramatic fall of Nathan Tinkler, from zero to boganaire and back to zero within just 3-4 short years.