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Equity Crowd Funding opportunities

This page is not being updated anymore and will be removed soon

This page lists the current open equity crowd funding opportunities.

These are the New Zealand equity crowd funding platforms we follow. Contact us if you think others should be listed here.

CrowdCube Equitise LiftOff
My Angel Investment PledgeMe Snowball Effect
Property Mogul Propellar Alphacrowd

Crowd funding platforms are licensed in New Zealand by the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) and can only operate when licenced.

Any click on the listings below will take you to the platform that is hosting the investment proposal.

Following the Current opportunities, we have listed the Closed offers for your easy reference.

Current opportunities (3)

    Offeror Equity offered Offer target Offer cap Platform

As background to this sector, this story may by useful.

Closed offers (44)

Here are all closed offers. Click on them to see how they fared.

    Offeror Equity offered Offer target Offer cap Platform