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Precious metals - gold bullion coins

Gold bullion coins

The prices on this page are based on selected gold bullion coins quoted by the NZ Mint, Perth Mint and Kitco.

To assist readers, we are converting bullion bar prices into NZD based on the NZD/AUD and NZD/USD exchange rates approximately at 11.00 am New Zealand time.


Gold bullion coins              
  buying from..       selling to..    
    NZ Mint PerthMint     NZ Mint PerthMint
1 oz gold bullion coins   USD AUD 1 oz gold bullion coins   USD AUD
Gold Kiwi   1,873.97   Gold Kiwi   1,873.97  
  NZD 3,330.39     NZD 3,077.38  
Australian Kangaroo/Lunar       Australian Kangaroo/Lunar     3,143.45
  NZD       NZD   3,371.72
Canadian Maple       Canadian Maple     2,884.16
  NZD       NZD   3,093.60
South African Krugerrand       South African Krugerrand     2,884.16
  NZD       NZD   3,093.60
American Buffalo       American Buffalo     2,884.16
  NZD       NZD   3,093.60
U.S. Gold Eagle       U.S. Gold Eagle     2,884.16
  NZD       NZD   3,093.60
Austrian Philharmonic       Austrian Philharmonic     2,884.16
  NZD       NZD   3,093.60


i thought gold bullion coins are prohibited now. There are also other circulating coins like canadian penny has officially stopped the circulation of its cent. The move has put a decades-old controversy back on the front-burner in the U.S.