Precious metals - Scrap gold, silver, platinum

Scrap gold indicative prices

Selling or determining the value of used or scrap gold may vary between one buyer/valuer to another. This page is to provide a quick reference of the indicative value of gold, silver and platinum with a different purity based on the daily selling price quoted by the Perth Mint and Kitco. The selling price is converted into NZD based on the NZD/AUD and NZD/USD exchange rates approximately at 11.10 a.m


Scrap gold selling rate per gram    
  selling to...     Perth Mint
Carats European Stamping     AUD
 9 K  375     14.86
      NZD 15.99
 10 K  416      
 12 K  500      
 14 K  583     23.18
      NZD 24.95
 16 K  666      
 18 K  750     29.72
      NZD 31.98
 21 K  875      
 22 K  916     36.32
      NZD 39.09
 24 K  999     39.62
      NZD 42.64

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