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Call centre handling earlier Nissan Australia-New Zealand data breach is itself compromised, with customer data leaked

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Call centre handling earlier Nissan Australia-New Zealand data breach is itself compromised, with customer data leaked
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In an unusual cyber-twist the call centre set up by Nissan's Australian and New Zealand operations to manage a data breach in December last year has itself been compromised, with customer information again being breached.

Nissan has apologised for the incident in a letter to customers, and the company said; "we understand this news will be especially disappointing given people have already had their personal information compromised," referring to the hack of its servers in December.

The December breach involved the customer information of Nissan Financial Services Australia Pty Ltd, Nissan Motor Co. (Australia) Pty Ltd, Nissan Financial Services New Zealand Pty Ltd and Nissan New Zealand Ltd.

The new data breach took place on April 15 this year at the call centre operator Nissan used to provide customer support for the December 5 hack, OracleCMS in Melbourne.

Data from the April breach has been published on the web, Nissan said. It is believed the notorious Lockbit ransomware gang is responsible for the OracleCMS attack, which also affected several Australian councils in Victoria and New South Wales.

Sensitive personal information was leaked in both the December 2023 and April 2024 data breaches.

This includes customer names and contact details, dates of birth, copies of identification documents, IRD numbers, health information, police check/criminal records, sexual orientation and practices, religious beliefs, and more in the December breach.

Credit check information as well as bank account and credit card details may also have been leaked for some individuals.

The car dealer said the notice it has sent out may apply to people who didn't obtain Nissan-branded finance or insurance.

Nissan provides service and customer support for various Nissan vehicles as well as a range of finance products and insurance products under other business names, including Nissan Financial Services, Nissan Insurance, Mitsubishi Motors Financial Services, Skyline Car Finance, Skyline Car Insurance, Renault Financial Services, Renault Insurance and Infiniti Financial Services

New Zealand Nissan customers can call the car company's support line on 0800 445 014 if they are concerned that their personal information has been breached.

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