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I live in Wellington and consistently curse the weather here. My two young boys think I’m a super hero and my Better Half knows I’m working hard to make sure they don’t figure out otherwise for as long as possible.

From a very young age I have had an interest in money, specifically the choices we make about how to use it. I am a company director for a multimillion dollar property portfolio; and when no one is looking I fantasise about running away to the country and just reading all day. I’m not going to advocate that property is the only way to make you financially independent – in fact I think that would be offensive.

So not withstanding that I can shoot fire from my fingers and breathe underwater; I’m a huge fan of money and I hate to see people slaving for it unnecessarily.

I think I have collected a few useful things to share from my experiences and I’m sick and tired of seeing people being financially sucked in by their own feelings of entitlement or FOMO.

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