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As a long term satisfied customer of TSB, I congratulate the new CEO and wish her every success.

Unfortunately the "ethos" of the bank is under attack from multiple directions and the challenge to remain a somewhat "laid back" provincial institution which values a personal and very friendly relationship with each of its depositors, is going to be difficult.

I live remotely from any branch but the ability to pick up the phone and within a minute talk with some personable assistant on almost any issue is both wonderful and startlingly unusual by normal bank standards. No, none of the usual potted musack,..."your call is important...blah, blah, enter your 16 digit code and select from one of the following fifteen options...."

Oops! Did I say all that? Unfortunately during the time of the outgoing Donna,, these delightful ways have been changing, and more recently I have been getting more atrocious music, and now, quite regularly..."we are experiencing greater than usual phone calls..."

I have no doubt the balance between all this and, making profitable banking is not easy or likely to get easier.

Best of luck!

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