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Wanted: An enthusiastic full stack developer, with experience, to build out our very busy news website service, as an integral member of our senior team

Wanted: An enthusiastic full stack developer, with experience, to build out our very busy news website service, as an integral member of our senior team

We are hiring.

We are looking for a full-time in-house full stack developer to take ownership of the largest Drupal 8 news site in New Zealand.

We provide popular business and economics news that mixes data and news/analysis to explain the New Zealand economy to New Zealanders. It is built on a close alignment of the journalists, the analysts, and the technical platform it all runs on.

You should be able to maintain and develop our platform independently. You are someone who can handle the in-charge aspects, who can work with non-technical people, and who is looking to develop your professional skills. We have an exciting work plan ahead in the fast-moving and dynamic news business.

You will need:

  • A good knowledge of the Drupal Content Management System. We are using Drupal 8, and one of your first tasks will be to migrate to Drupal 9.
  • A good understanding of modern web technologies: HTML 5, SCSS, and modern JavaScript or TypeScript (with frameworks like React, ReactNative)
  • A good understanding of PHP and Object-Oriented programming in PHP.
  • A good understanding of MySQL.
  • An ability to build secure GraphQL APIs.
  • Experience using Git version control.
  • We are planning to develop a mobile app version of our site, so you would need the ability to either have skills in this area, or the willingness to develop them. The app will probably be built using standard web technologies.

Bonus skills:

  • Experience with AWS products as Aurora Serverless, Fargate, and CodePipeline.
  • Docker containers.
  • Mobile App or SPA skills.

Not part of the tech stack but for added daily variety you will also be responsible for:

  • Logging ad campaigns in Google Ad Manager
  • Editing videos with Adobe Premiere Pro.

You will also be involved with:

  • integrating with CRM platforms.
  • building a tiered subscription model for the website.

We are keen to help you develop with us. The technical aspects are obviously crucial, but you must also enjoy working in a small team, accepting full systems responsibilities, and be fun to be around. Our people are a diverse lot, doing really interesting stuff.

Want to join us? Apply in the first instance in writing by email to

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You had me at "Hello"


I think you mean "Hello World!" #GeekJokes


Drupal? Dear god, it's 2021, why?? The "largest Drupal 8 News site in NZ" isn't exaclty a hotly contested category is it now...

Also good luck finding someone with legit React/Typescript/Docker etc skills who will touch video editing, we (developers) really aren't looking to add any "daily variety" pumping out ads or video edits that a student intern could be producing.