Geoff Suvalko makes the compelling case of why your business should be design-led. Using clear examples and thoughtful analysis, he leads you to a valuable set of skills

If you are interested in innovation and organisational design, this video is for you.

Before you do anything else, bookmark this page, and block out a 40 minute slot in your calendar.

After you have watched Geoff Suvlako in this video you will almost certainly agree that it was probably the most valuable thing you did on that day.

This is a very important resource dealing with a critical issue, especially if you are in a leadership position in your company.

For a New Zealand CEO, it is a "must watch".

Geoff Suvalko is the Director of Thoughtfull Design, and made this presentation at the Deloitte Innovation series in Auckland.

Geoff says the key thing is to embrace innovation and design in a holistic way, because your offering of products or services to customers needs to be coherent.

That coherence is by design.

Enterprises need to deliver that coherent offering sustainably.

The CEO or leader must be the head of design.

Design is an emerging discipline, made famous by Apple, but it needs exposure in New Zealand.

Unfortunately, the skill sets here are shallow.

Suvalko helps New Zealand organisations to adopt world best practice innovation, planning and design approaches. "I believe that the innovation intent needs to come from within an organisation's culture - not from external sources," he says.

He is also one of the five members of NZ Trade & Enterprise's Better by Design Advisory Board.

This video from the Deloitte Innovations Conversations series is an important contribution to building a better understanding of the real value of good design.

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