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23 Feb 19, 11:47am
Joanna Davies discovers that most people think they are poorer than they really are. And when the realise this their "appetite for redistributive policy waned"
2 Feb 19, 10:56am
Fathom Consulting's Andrew Bridgen said a year ago a US recession is due in 2020. He reviews the prescience of economists and market observers in spotting recessions before they arrive
27 Jan 19, 6:02am
Fathom Consulting's Brian Davidson runs an in-office test of trading threats and walkouts based on asymetrical data to see what happens once the tension all dies down
17 Nov 18, 9:32am
Fathom Consulting's Andrew Harris has some economist fun delving into how flatmates share the cleaning duties, and learns a little about himself along the way
27 Oct 18, 11:52am
Fathom Consulting's Brian Davidson sees firsthand how Indonesia is dealing with the problem of over-fishing, where self-interest can mean no-one eats
22 Oct 18, 10:58am
Fathom Consulting's Andrew Harris channels Beatles songs to explain why understanding the Beveridge Curve is key what labour economics is all about
6 Oct 18, 10:21am
Joanna Davies makes the case for bucking tradition (which is based on some very dodgy values) and keeping her surname after she is married
29 Sep 18, 9:36am
Kevin Loane sees the new trade tensions as strategic competition, unlikely to be resolved anytime soon. China's membership of the WTO has not resulted in it being a moderating force
15 Sep 18, 9:40am
Erik Britton sees the Belt and Road Initiative as a key part of China's empire building. He deconstructs the language being used, and finds the comparison with other, earlier power plays striking
8 Sep 18, 10:02am
Oliver White looks at how online sales are muddying both our understanding and our measures of inflation. The problem will only get worse, he says
1 Sep 18, 9:46am
Erik Britton wonders how equity and bond markets will change now that bots are taking a larger share, a dominant share, of the trading activity
23 Jun 18, 1:58pm
Under-supply and over-supply - the things that drive most markets also drive the online dating 'market', says Joanna Davies. Basic economics, she suggests
19 May 18, 9:47am
Behavioural economics can help us understand why Trump's slogans and argument framing work with his supporters, accessing basic human responses to perceived risks and rewards
5 May 18, 10:29am
Kevin Loane checks how useful and realistic user rating systems are and decides, despite their obvious flaws, they are better having than not
21 Apr 18, 11:43am
Brian Davidson doesn't think much of Donald Trump, but he does like his policy approaches on massive stimulus, and tackling China on trade
17 Mar 18, 9:09am
Erik Britton uses the popular game Monopoly as a thought experiment on how banks and money work in our economy, revealing the conflicted nature of banking in the real world
21 Jan 18, 7:11am
Oliver White wonders if economic forecasting can be replaced by artifical intelligence systems. He finds in fact that this is one of the least likely human jobs to be threatened
16 Dec 17, 8:44am
Kevin Loane says that despite their unpopularity, wealth taxes may become a least bad option, as persistently weak productivity growth risks capping income gains for many
11 Oct 17, 8:42am
The next US Fed chair could be Kevin Warsh. Fathom Consulting looks at the direction he is likely to want, and whether he could carry the FOMC with a much more hawkish stance
21 Jan 17, 4:20pm
Financial consulting firm compares what has happened to American leadership with strongman rulers in emerging economies. It sees opportunities, and higher uncertainties


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