25 Mar 19, 9:38am
Joanna Trezise says a Court of Appeal ruling in an FMA vs ANZ case gives useful clarification of the FMA’s step-in powers under the Financial Markets Authority Act
20 Mar 19, 1:13pm
Auckland foreign exchange broker pleads guilty to running a Ponzi scheme to defraud his clients of more than $7 million
13 Mar 19, 4:27pm
Update from Stephen Sedgwick says Aussie banks weaning themselves off reliance on pay incentives linked to sales in retail banking
13 Mar 19, 7:22am
FXBTG Financial chases its dream 'indomitably' from NZ's Financial Service Providers' Register as at least 3 overseas regulators issue warnings
8 Mar 19, 10:34am
After defeat in the Court of Appeal, ANZ wants to take fight to prevent potential action by the FMA against the bank on behalf of collapsed 'Company X' investors to the Supreme Court
7 Mar 19, 12:29pm
Harmoney founder says $50 million securitisation programme with BNZ doesn't mean any changes for retail investors
5 Mar 19, 5:00am
A resurrection; How Etana Custody Ltd, a company whose CEO & major shareholder has never been to New Zealand, got kicked off NZ's financial service providers' register and then got itself back on
21 Feb 19, 5:00am
NZ companies, financial service providers and internet domain names embroiled in alleged crime wave at the centre of an extradition battle between the USA and Russia over Russian Alexander Vinnik
20 Feb 19, 11:30am
In today's low interest rate world one-off investment opportunities touting high returns sound tempting. So how are they priced, what are the risks and who, if anyone, has regulatory oversight of them?
20 Feb 19, 5:00am
RBNZ Governor Adrian Orr says delivering good customer outcomes and removing sales incentives shouldn't be rocket science for banks
13 Feb 19, 4:16pm
FMA plans more work on KiwiSaver fees, says eye will be on the conduct of default providers ahead of the next round of default appointments
13 Feb 19, 9:36am
New Zealand banks are making hay while the sun shines but KPMG argues they're heading into some of their most challenging times ever
8 Feb 19, 11:17am
ASB CEO Vittoria Shortt says 'huge agenda' of potential regulatory change could lead to price changes for bank customers & credit rationing
8 Feb 19, 9:43am
Wellington mortgage broker Andrew Perry spells out how consumers would be hurt if Aussie banks weren't allowed to pay brokers commission 
6 Feb 19, 8:59am
A closer look at the pending commission crackdown Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Kris Faafoi sees when he glances across the Tasman
5 Feb 19, 8:04am
Aussie Royal Commission's final report lashes sales incentives & ex-BNZ boss Andrew Thorburn, brings bad news for mortgage brokers
2 Feb 19, 9:04am
After casting an eye over the FMA-RBNZ report on life insurers' conduct & culture, Andrew Hooker encourages the Government to legislate to force change
30 Jan 19, 2:41pm
Proposed Government crack-down on insurance sales incentives re-sparks discussion over how to provide free or affordable financial advice that isn't compromised 
29 Jan 19, 3:11pm
Robertson and Faafoi commit to plugging legal gap that sees bank and insurance conduct go unregulated
29 Jan 19, 1:05pm
The FMA & RBNZ detail remediation & poor conduct examples found in their review of life insurers' conduct and culture


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