2 Dec 17, 6:26am
FMA statistics show the fledgling NZ P2P lending sector is serving banks and fund managers well, but more needs to be done for retail investors and SMEs, Gareth Vaughan argues
28 Nov 17, 5:08pm
Everything you need to know about the P2P lending market - who's lending, who's borrowing, how reliable they are, and what the differences are between the platforms
24 Nov 17, 12:48pm
FMA issues formal warning under anti-money laundering law to forex company and Hurricanes sponsor Fullerton Markets
24 Nov 17, 5:02am
Returning to the basic concept of a company, collecting verified information, regulators focusing on policy effectiveness rather than box ticking & other ways to tackle the misuse of NZ companies
23 Nov 17, 2:09pm
Self-proclaimed 'pushy' Commerce & Consumer Affairs Minister Kris Faafoi commits to revamping archaic insurance law, but prioritises introduction of payday lender interest rate caps & a supermarket code of conduct
21 Nov 17, 7:36am
FMA puts KiwiSaver funds side-by-side to illustrate whether investors are getting bang for their buck; KiwiSaver providers unapologetic for charging the fees they do, saying investment is needed to provide quality advice
16 Nov 17, 10:23am
Harmoney tells court it can charge a fee for its services like a broker that includes profit as Commerce Commission argues there is nothing new or disruptive about what Harmoney's doing
7 Nov 17, 2:05pm
CEO David McLean acknowledges Westpac NZ was 'caught on the back foot' in year of two distinct halves, sees KiwiSaver fees 'evolving'
4 Nov 17, 7:30am
The newly-minted Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister commits to championing open banking, capping payday lenders' interest rates, and writing a code of conduct for the supermarket industry
26 Oct 17, 3:14pm
Ex-TV reporter Kris Faafoi replaces former Play School host Jacqui Dean as Minister of Commerce & Consumer Affairs
26 Oct 17, 12:22pm
FMA charges Auckland man for allegedly taking money he told his clients he would invest for them, and withdrawing money from their credit card accounts without them knowing
26 Oct 17, 9:05am
Adman turned blockchain enthusiast on how and why he has become a cryptocurrency investor
18 Oct 17, 7:25am
FMA fast-tracks access to robo-advice at a rate slower than expected; Prioritises greater oversight at the expense of more red tape
12 Oct 17, 12:03pm
FMA's BKBM guidance hailed as 'pragmatic, practical and sensible' guidance that 'stands out globally'. NZ banks pleased FMA has 'confirmed there are no systemic conduct issues'
5 Oct 17, 9:15am
FMA report on KiwiSaver exposes complacent default providers, banks slow to cut fees, and niche KiwiSaver providers' possible avoidance of low income earners
22 Sep 17, 6:02am
The FMA issues warnings about NZ's troublesome Financial Service Providers Register in Chinese, Malay and Arabic & admits it's easier to get on it than be removed from it
16 Sep 17, 6:02am
Unlicensed forex and derivatives trader, Hurricanes sponsor and Bill English courter Fullerton Markets, applies to FMA for licence with uncertainty hanging over the future of its key man in NZ
6 Sep 17, 7:33pm
Three years in FMA CEO Rob Everett disappointed there's only one big NZ P2P lender and at the dearth of SME lending being facilitated
6 Sep 17, 9:40am
FMA CEO Rob Everett says banks are anxious about the bank bill benchmark rate with some variance in views on what is acceptable trading conduct
31 Aug 17, 11:57am
NZ financial service provider Worldclear and local banks caught up in the activities of curious Singapore company Summit International


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