20 Nov 17, 6:43am
Gareth Vaughan argues Westpac's capital stuff-up demonstrates why the combination of a hands-off bank regulator and the internal models approach to regulatory capital requirements is a bad one
18 Oct 17, 12:22pm
Insurance industry raises concerns over the RBNZ being the entity to conduct a major review of the legislation it uses to regulate the sector
22 Jul 17, 6:02am
RBNZ ‘materially non-compliant’ in 13 of 29 international bank regulatory and supervision framework standards assessed by the IMF
10 Jul 17, 11:13am
Gareth Vaughan questions whether banks are opportunistically trying it on in their response to the RBNZ's review of their capital adequacy requirements
29 Jun 17, 11:32am
IMF's Global Housing Watch report points out benefits of LVR mortgage restrictions, but says borrowers in this country are still exposed to debt servicing risks
19 Jun 17, 12:02pm
Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Jacqui Dean 'not in a position' to say whether claims handling will be included in big insurance regulation reforms planned for next year
24 May 17, 5:09pm
RBNZ on insurance regulation: 'Our role is to prod in the right areas and make sure management are on top of what they need to be on top of, rather than doing that job for them'
17 May 17, 11:48am
IMF chart shows BNZ, by one profitability measure, performing the best for its parent out of NZ's four Australian owned banks
13 May 17, 10:28am
The IMF criticises the RBNZ's idiosyncratic light handed regulation of NZ's banks, but notes effective supervision requires political will as a catalyst and adequate resources
11 May 17, 11:26am
Rebecca Sellers says conduct by insurers is effectively unregulated and the IMF is calling for some protection for consumers, at least up to Australian levels
10 May 17, 5:29pm
Terry Baucher on how the proliferation of KiwiSaver is making the need for a fully fledged capital gains tax all the more urgent  
10 May 17, 10:18am
The IMF recommends higher capital requirements for New Zealand's 'too big to fail' banks
10 May 17, 10:12am
IMF calls for FMA to immediately fill cracks in the system so 'all aspects of the insurance product life cycle' are regulated
10 May 17, 8:04am
The IMF suggests a de minimis exemption of $10,000 per depositor as a second best option to the full blown introduction of deposit insurance in NZ given govt & RBNZ opposition
9 May 17, 7:53am
IMF calls for a more intensive approach to bank supervision from the RBNZ, deposit insurance and a debt-to-income cap tool in its Financial Sector Assessment Program report on NZ
12 Apr 17, 2:15pm
Moody's says house price increases in NZ 'closely resemble' those in Spain, Ireland and the US on the eve of their housing market crashes
12 Apr 17, 10:53am
Murray Jackson previews the RBNZ review of banks’ regulatory capital requirements, arguing NZ banks should hold capital equivalent to 19% of their total assets
17 Mar 17, 9:18am
Brian Fallow probes National, Labour & NZ First's stances on superannuation and argues they are too relaxed about the snowballing costs
8 Mar 17, 5:00pm
The Superannuation issue is just one example of a Government continually pushing problems out into the future for others to deal with
7 Mar 17, 1:11pm
IMF warns NZ on household debt levels, proposes better CGT, land tax; Says RBNZ should have DTI tool; NZ$ overvalued


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