Bank funding

4 Feb 19, 2:56pm
ANZ NZ prices five-year covered bond issue at 33 basis points over euro swap rate
1 Feb 19, 8:54am
Another bank raises its key term deposit rates, even in the face of sharply falling wholesale swap rates. A finance company raised a key rate too
29 Jan 19, 4:38pm
Despite mortgage rates trending lower, recent moves on term deposit rates by two major banks suggest a rising trend
14 Jan 19, 11:13am
A market leading offer by Kiwibank comes at a time all banks, especially the large ones, are under pressure to raise vast amounts of new capital over the next few years
17 Dec 18, 6:00pm
KPMG's annual FIPS for the non-banking sector reports that a number of participants in its survey have noted 'quite an impact' from the new lay-buy schemes; questions over non-regulation of such schemes
5 Dec 18, 10:28am
BNZ to pay out over 10,000 customers an average of $375 each as a result of documentation errors following changes to the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act (CCCFA)
15 Nov 18, 9:31am
BNZ borrows $550 million at 3.648% via five-year bond issue as Chorus seeks at least $300 million in its own bond issue
12 Nov 18, 6:02am
With wholesale interest rates turning higher, Kiwibank tests the waters with a new 'special' one year term deposit rate offer that is +15 to +25 bps higher than its rivals
7 Sep 18, 11:15am
ASB trims a range of term deposit rates, in most cases matching their main rivals, focusing on terms of 18 months and longer
5 Sep 18, 2:05pm
ASB to pay investors 3.31% per annum for $450 million five-year bond issue
1 Sep 18, 9:32am
ANZ follows some of its main rivals lower with -10 to -20 bps cuts to seven specific terms, and a +5 bps rise for one term
31 Aug 18, 10:28am
Some banks are trimming term deposit rates, others offering attractive 'specials'. But the immediate trend is for lower rate offers, hurt by diving wholesale swap rates
14 Aug 18, 12:42pm
BNZ and SBS Bank trim some rates for terms one year and longer. Kiwibank raises its 200 day 'special offer' rate. These changes come as wholesale interest rates shift sharply lower
31 Jul 18, 5:53pm
Rate cuts by ANZ reduce its one year rate to main-bank level low, but the reduction is masked by an eight month 'special' promoting Daffodil Day
31 Jul 18, 4:16pm
UBS economists suggest higher funding costs may be a new structural market feature for the Australian parents of New Zealand's big four banks
30 Jul 18, 11:29am
Rate cuts at Kiwibank bring their term deposit offers to similar levels as their major rivals. Range between banks remains very narrow
30 Jun 18, 9:17am
The combination of boomer demographics and a weakening economy is depressing term deposit rates. Thus David Chaston says the prospect is for lower rates in the future
24 May 18, 3:24pm
ANZ NZ five-year bonds to pay investors 3.70% per annum
22 Mar 18, 4:41pm
Westpac New Zealand five-year bond issue drags in $550 million
19 Mar 18, 11:49am
Westpac NZ five-year bond pricing doesn't look too attractive for retail investors


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