Building Consents

29 Jun 18, 11:25am
Surge in new dwelling consents in Auckland could be the beginning of the end for the region's housing shortage
5 Jun 18, 2:21pm
There's been a drop in the average size of new houses and townhouses being built in Auckland, which may help bring prices down
30 May 18, 11:21am
Good news for Aucklanders with the number of new dwelling consents up and average values falling, suggesting a shift towards more affordable new housing
7 May 18, 3:24pm
ANZ economists see immigration likely reducing to 40,000 a year by 2020 but say the migration outlook 'provides risks on both sides at the moment'
1 May 18, 11:09am
Statistics New Zealand says there were 2926 new homes consented nationally in March, up 5.3% on the same month a year earlier; Auckland had 1082 consents, up 14.9%
24 Apr 18, 4:24pm
David Hargreaves says the tweaks the National Government made to immigration settings towards the end of its tenure have turned the migration tide
29 Mar 18, 11:17am
The number of new homes consented in February fell year-on-year and the annual growth rate is slowing
11 Mar 18, 5:02am
Rodney Dickens says section prices are the key to solving the housing affordability problem, not higher density around transport hubs. He warns against force-feeding in areas that won't deliver the intended outcome
2 Mar 18, 11:21am
Encouraging start to year with building consents up strongly in Auckland compared to a year ago
2 Feb 18, 11:34am
New dwelling consents took a dip in December but were up 3.4% for the year
16 Jan 18, 1:51pm
We report on how active Housing NZ Corporation has been in seeking housing consents, and how concentrated this has been in Auckland
30 Nov 17, 11:28am
The number of new dwelling consents issued in October was below where it was 12 months ago
29 Nov 17, 3:28pm
Building practitioners who just lost their licences after spending a week building a house, powering a property with a cord from a neighbour, and failing 10 building inspections can reapply for their licences next year
31 Oct 17, 11:36am
New dwelling consents dropped 12.5% nationwide last month and slumped 26.7% in Auckland
24 Oct 17, 12:12pm
Migration accounted for two thirds of Auckland's population growth in the year to June
29 Sep 17, 11:24am
New dwelling consents up strongly in Auckland, but still short of what's needed
25 Sep 17, 3:47pm
Assuming National does lead the next Government, it needs to urgently address the dog's breakfast it had created with the housing portfolio
19 Sep 17, 12:01pm
The housing market is bearing up surprisingly well; the real question now is whether it will be 'left alone' or not after the election
11 Sep 17, 4:20pm
After years of hands-off tactics from central government, whatever hue of administration takes over after September 23 is likely to be more interventionist in the housing market
4 Sep 17, 4:28pm
Latest figures suggest that the Auckland house building market is going to need a whole lot more than words and political posturing


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