21 Feb 19, 11:34am
Tax Working Group recommends government includes agriculture sector in a reformed Emissions Trading Scheme
18 Feb 19, 12:44pm
Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) gives company green light to dump marine waste near Great Barrier Island
14 Feb 19, 12:28pm
Murray Grimwood looks at how we should think about environmental systems on a planet with finite limits increasingly being stretched, even if we collectively turn a blind eye to those limits
8 Feb 19, 10:00am
Motu researchers on air pollution, free public transport, pre-trial inmates, soccer players’ contracts and learning what phylogeny means in fairy stories
5 Feb 19, 2:10pm
Decision pending on company's plans to dump dredged material from Auckland Harbour near Great Barrier Island
2 Feb 19, 9:03am
Peter Dunne looks at the challenges for a possible 'blue-green' party and the National Party's quest to get the numbers to allow it to govern
30 Jan 19, 2:44pm
TOP's Geoff Simmons wonders if the new Blue/Green Party has a clue on freshwater - and whether it is simply a Trojan horse to get National back into power
30 Jan 19, 9:20am
Allan Barber says the answer to the faster pace of market change signals is to keep things simple, while keeping an open mind. Consumers may be 'king' but they are fickle and what they do is often different to what they say
25 Jan 19, 10:26am
Two Auckland Council Controlled Organisations (CCOs) are involved in talks over an award winning Wynyard Quarter property built on a contaminated site
23 Jan 19, 9:04am
Make-up of NZ's future energy supply called into question as 'unprecedented' gas and hydro shortages see Genesis Energy's coal use hit a 5-year high
15 Jan 19, 5:39pm
Allan Barber says if 2018 was full of unexpected developments and uncertainties, 2019 is likely to be even more challenging
19 Dec 18, 8:26am
Allan Barber looks back of a year where New Zealand agriculture had to face a range of unexpected developments and a number of growing uncertainties, almost all of which will be festering in 2019
29 Nov 18, 10:36am
Guy Trafford reviews the latest claims on Canterbury water quality by Fish & Game and finds misrepresented sources, misquoted facts, and no transparency around samples selected. Fish & Game respond
16 Nov 18, 10:18am
Motu researchers on the history of wellbeing, robot ethics, whether the left or right hand should pay tax, the 1918 flu epidemic, prestige and value for money, the effect of cash transfers, protecting large carnivores, and the expansion of the culture war
7 Nov 18, 8:35pm
Energy Minister Megan Woods and her shadow minister Jonathan Young go head-to-head as bill banning new oil/gas exploration passes
3 Nov 18, 9:42am
Murray Grimwood marshalls his best insults against economics, accusing it of being nothing more than a religious cult. He prefers alternate apostles for his reality. Your view?
2 Nov 18, 10:00am
The top 10 trends TOP's Geoff Simmons sees driving change in the public sphere
29 Oct 18, 6:52pm
PM sees no issue with public only having 2 weeks to make submissions on new offshore oil/gas ban; Denies move has created uncertainty for bidders in Block Offer 2018
27 Oct 18, 11:52am
Fathom Consulting's Brian Davidson sees firsthand how Indonesia is dealing with the problem of over-fishing, where self-interest can mean no-one eats
23 Oct 18, 10:42am
Raw materials use to double by 2060 with severe environmental consequences, says OECD


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