Local government

26 Oct 18, 10:00am
The NZ Initiative's Eric Crampton on all things freshwater; the state of play, irrigation, quality, cap & trade, water management, prices & more
24 Oct 18, 4:48pm
Ardern commits to restricting regional fuel taxes to Auckland while she's at the helm; Bridges happy, but dubs her decision a backdown made on the hoof
19 Oct 18, 5:00am
Consortium of Auckland businesses pushes for the opportunity to manage the development of a waterfront stadium & redevelopment of Eden Park
18 Sep 18, 2:25pm
Independent report into Auckland Council's Building Consents Department finds major shortcomings resulting in poor customer service
20 Aug 18, 8:41am
NZ Initiative's Natanael Rother says decentralisation has fostered an ever-prosperous Switzerland
24 Jul 18, 1:31pm
A decade after the Shand Inquiry, the Finance Minister has asked the Productivity Commission to take another look at local government spending
16 Jul 18, 4:36pm
David Hargreaves says other things need to happen first before we consider giving local government more decentralised power
10 Jul 18, 10:24am
Sam Warburton calls out the false claim by public transport boosters that Auckland's new regional fuel tax isn't as regressive as you think. It is, and is really hurting poor families
26 Jun 18, 1:07pm
Datacom challenges Visa, Mastercard and POLi with new online debit payment tool; Westpac gets on board; ASB and BNZ to follow
23 Jun 18, 9:46am
If New Zealand is to crack the problems of unaffordable housing, government here must look seriously at how the better parts of America finance infrastructure, Eric Crampton argues
15 Jun 18, 12:40pm
Report highlights 'considerable risks' of trying to get light rail from Auckland's CBD to airport in time for 2021 America's Cup & APEC Summit
30 May 18, 8:31am
NZ Initiative's Eric Crampton highlights the risk ratepayers have if local Councils get into financial trouble and says we all need to keep an eye on whether Council debt-funded projects make sense
11 May 18, 1:44pm
Central govt asks Productivity Commission to probe local govt funding; acknowledges some of the councils facing the biggest cost increases have shrinking rating bases
11 May 18, 10:00am
Infometrics' Brad Olsen with the top 10 things to know about the Auckland Regional Fuel Tax
2 May 18, 2:24pm
Auckland Mayor Phil Goff responds to Opposition Leader Simon Bridges’ claims the Council ‘lacks fiscal discipline’
30 Apr 18, 11:02am
The Opposition Leader takes a swipe at Auckland Council in his first major economic speech as leader and says the Council should aspire to be more like the previous National-led Government
3 Apr 18, 4:25pm
Govt's 10-year draft land transport plan eyes regional roading improvements, state highway maintenance & public transport, plus new investment in rapid transit & rail
13 Mar 18, 11:31am
Auckland Council plans to borrow money via a green bond programme to help fund infrastructure projects
25 Feb 18, 7:24am
Eric Crampton argues fixing problems constraining infrastructure financing and with local government housing supply incentives must be the Govt's most important task
8 Oct 17, 6:02am
The Spinoff's Simon Wilson looks at where Phil Goff & Auckland are at a year into his mayoralty and finds the city needs money, and lots of it


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